Sixth Form Intake 2023

Year 12 Enrolment Information

This page is for students who have completed the enrolment process on Applica and received confirmation of enrolment email following GCSE results day. This includes students who were in Year 11 at this school last year.

This page may be updated throughout the  Summer so please do re-visit so you can keep up to date with new information.

Please click here to access the Summer Tasks, which must be completed in time for your son/daughter’s first lesson.

Please ensure that you read fully the information under the following links before you enrol:

ID Card Information

Sixth Form Uniform

School Gateway Sign Up

Start of Term Arrangements

Ties and Badges

Top tips for parents of a HGS Sixth Form student




1) What is the start and finish time of the school day?

Information regarding the school day can found here:


2) What do I need to buy for the school uniform?

Information regarding the school uniform can be found here:


3) When can I purchase the school uniform?

School uniform can be ordered directly from our suppliers Clive Marks through their website:

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys – K – Shop By School (


4) How can I keep track of my son/daughter’s progress while they are at KEVI HGS?

We have recently moved over to Schoolcomms for our School/Home communications. More information about Schoolcomms can be found here:

Parental log in details will be provided during the Autumn term.


5) I am concerned as my son/daughter will be catching the bus for the first time in September. What shall I do?

We would recommend you accompany your son/daughter on the bus journey that they would take to get to school. Try this on a few occasions, at different times of the day so your son/daughter can get used to the journey.

You could use the following website to help plan your son/daughter’s journey:

You can also use the following link to find all the relevant information you will need to arrange for your son/daughter to start using the bus to school from September. Information and links on the page will include information about planning your journey by bus, safer travel advice, and how to buy the term plus pass:


6) Does the school have a Green Bus service?

The school does not have its own Green Bus service, however there are Green Bus services available, that are linked to other KEVI schools which many of our pupils use. More information can be found here:


7) How does KEVI HGS deal with issues of bullying?

KEVI HGS takes bullying very seriously. We believe every young person has the right to be safe in school. There are very rare cases of bullying. If there is an instance of bullying we recommend our students speak to any member of staff, who can then investigate the issue and deal with it accordingly.


8) My son/daughter has an additional need, how will KEVI HGS help my son/daughter?

The SENCo and Head of Year 12 will be liaising with all of our previous schools to ensure we have as much information about your son/daughter before they get to us. We also work very closely with parents who are able to advise us on their son/daughter’s needs and strategies that have proved successful in the past.

If you have any queries about additional needs that your son/daughter might need support with please do not hesitate to contact the SENCo or Head of Year 12, Mrs N Hartt,