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So maybe Italian – I can’t hear it without wanting to smile, so I like the thought of cheering people up. Which accent do you find most entertaining? (blame 8A!) Without doubt the Liverpudlian. Blame it on all those sad 80s sitcoms. You can’t imagine James Bond sounding like that though. What is your favourite book author? My favourite book…. Difficult question. As a teenager I adored ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole’ and read it secretly in chemistry lessons to pass the time. But if I had to choose one book only it would be ‘Dr Zhivago’. I love Russian history and this book is the People’s Tragedy with furs and dancing (and without the cannibalism) Who are your role models? (blame 8A!) I find the concept of a role model difficult – I think we take different things from different people at various points in our lives. But I’m always impressed by people who are slightly rebellious and change the way we think. So for that reason I’m going to choose Coco Chanel, not for her smart little jackets and a nice line in pearls, but because she literally put women in trousers. The rest, as they say, is history… What are your hobbies? I haven’t got any particularly exciting hobbies, and those I do have make me sound solidly middle aged. Swimming, gardening, reading, walking my dog. You’ll all be there one day! Who was your favourite teacher when you were at school? My favourite teacher at school was the incomparable Mrs Landreth, our English teacher. I don’t remember many lessons at school apart from hers but time spent in her classroom was a joy. She taught me how to use a semi-colon; I’ll always be grateful. What was the naughtiest thing you did when you were at school? I went to a girls’ school and we were never, ever naughty. At all. Although I do remember one French trip to Boulogne quite fondly. Happily the coconut launched from the fourth-storey window didn’t land on anyone’s head. It’s not like that these days, thank goodness. Safeguarding! What is your motto for life? You can never have enough shoes... Or books. And finally . . . your thoughts on Britain’s possible exit from the EU? To Brexit or not to Brexit? Instinctively I feel that isolationism is a bad idea. But I have to say some of the pontificating by Remain is annoying me. And the inability of the EU leaders to do anything in a co-ordinated fashion to help the Syrian refugees is no great advert for the European dream. However, en fin de compte, I’m probably more stay than go. Even if it does mean agreeing with George Osborne. Eek! BEN SMOLDON The Bridge caught up with ex-pupil and school governer Ben Smoldon to get his thoughts on HGS past and present . . . What are your best memories of HGS? One of my best memories as a pupil at HGS was the House competition. Between 1986 to 1990 I was in Edge House. The fun I had competing with and against my friends, I still talk about it today. We would either be trying to support each other or politely killing each other. Break times were always fun too, playing football in the yard. The funniest moments I had at HGS are, unfortunately, not suitable for publication in this magazine. Did you ever get a detention? I never got an individual detention at HGS but I was on the receiving end of a few class detentions and even and a ‘full school detention’. Other than that I was an exemplary pupil! What is your favourite book/author/song? My favourite book is probably Ghost by Robert Harris. I love how it entwines the reader in a world of politics that many of us probably have our suspicions about. My favourite author is Roald Dahl because he brings reading for children to life with excitement and mischief. My children are fascinated by his books and I still find them brilliant to this day. My favourite song is “Shout to the top” by The Style Council. It’s a great tune and it reminds me of my children. Which sport would you be and why? If I were a sport It would have to be rugby union. It is a game where no matter how big or small, fast or slow, fat or thin you are, everyone is equal. Also it’s vital that everybody works together and not as individuals. If you get one person who is more interested in themselves than the team, the chances of success are reduced. Who are your role models? My role models are my father, Roger Smoldon, and the former England rugby captain, Lawrence Dallaglio. My father was a very selfless man, with a strong sense of community. He constantly demonstrated to us the importance and positive impact of both volunteering and engaging people from all walks of life, particularly in sport. What does a school governer do? A school governor’s job is to make sure the school is being run correctly for all students by the Headmaster and his staff and upholding the school ethos and ensuring that all policies and procedures are kept to. Any advice for students? My advice to students is realise that this, now, is an opportunity. Make the most of it. ...and your motto for life? My motto for life is “never give up”. INTERVIEWS coconut launched from the volunteering and engaging people