TRIPS&VISITS On 12th March 2018 a group of Year 12 and 13 geography students visited the Lake District to conduct our investigative fieldwork. A three-day residential gave us the opportunity to explore different aspects of geography, both physical and human. Fieldwork is a fundamental element of geographical research and teaching. The field trip to the Lake District aimed to provide us with data collection skills using safe and appropriate techniques. We were also encouraged to be sensitive to the impact of these investigations on the environment and stakeholders. At 8 a.m. on the 12th of March we set out for the county of Lancashire, with the Lake District in sight. We endured a five-hour journey at the expense of Mr Bird’s musical taste! Upon our arrival we were shown around the accommodation and were then quickly on our way to the coastal area of Morecambe to carry out a preliminary investigation about how an area changes over time as a result of several geographical concepts. On the second day we were given the opportunity to trek up the Coniston Hills, an area famous for its copper mines. While up there we studied the glaciated landscape, and we were able to observe the course of the glacier 18,000 years ago. After a tiring but enjoyable walk, our eyes were gifted with a beautifully sculpted corrie lake. This was where we were able to relax and have lunch whilst taking advantage of the clean fresh air and scenery. On the final day we were split into groups and could choose to conduct our field study based on either Human Geography or Physical Geography. Kyron and I chose to visit the coastal town of Morecambe to study the area using different index models to draw conclusions about the levels of decline in the area. The physical geography group took a trip back to Coniston Hill to conduct fieldwork to show the course and direction of the former glaciated area. Overall, I can easily say that the trip was highly enjoyable as well as informative. We gained an insight into the rural lifestyle which Ms Wharton has sadly left us for! It was a refreshing and inspiring landscape for us too. The centre where we stayed demonstrated great hospitality skills, which we were very thankful for. Surprisingly the food was quite nice and made the overall experience better. The highlight of the trip was thrashing another school 4-1 in a game of football – they had three Manchester City Youth Academy players – a great achievement for us! As a whole this trip has brought the class closer together and our thanks go to Ms Wharton and Mr Bird for organising the trip. Justin Fletcher & Kyron Chander GEOGRAPHY FIELD TRIP