The Trussell Trust’s 400-strong network of food banks provides a minimum of three days’ emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK. In 2017/18, they gave 1,332,952 three- day emergency food supplies to people in crisis. Here at Handsworth Grammar School we were able to collect over 532 kg of food to give to the Trussell Trust Foodbank and this excluded all the chocolate that we collected. (For some reason they don’t weigh that!) This is the equivalent of 1,266 meals! Food bank use is rising and the one we send our collection to gave out almost 2,000 more food parcels in 2017 than they did in 2016 so it is really important that we keep this tradition going. Well done to 10 Alfred for organising the collection. They would like to thank everyone for their generosity and look forward to collecting even more next time! THE MR KA-WI-FAI CHALLENGE! As part of this year’s Children In Need 10A organised a competition, the challenge being to guess the range of Mr Kafai’s wireless keyboard. This technical challenge was far too much for Ms Brown to work out and she needed the expert help of the lovely Mr King – who also donated the prize – and the measuring skills and expertise of the ICT technicians. There were many wild guesses but many who were very close to the answer. The winning distance was 13.7 metres and the lucky winner was Subasith Amunethane. His prize was a wireless mouse donated by the lovely Mr King! Ms Vaughan also won but was happy to receive chocolate – not a mouse! Thank you to everyone who took part! We raised almost £22 for Children in Need. CHARITIES FOOD FOR THOUGHT 44