THREE KINGS CONCERT FRIDAY 23RD MARCH – KEVI ASTON The last time KEVI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys, KEVI Aston School and KEVI Handsworth School for Girls staged a joint concert together was in 1962! After the success of this reunion I think it is safe to conclude that we will not need to wait as long again for the next joint venture. The evening included a range of solo items and ensembles from the three schools and included some of the finest players from the “Three Kings”. Our school was represented by Isaac Minto, Anu Adeleye, Keir Msuya, Karl Frater, Robert Frater and Godfrey Leung. The boys delivered fantastic performances to a packed school hall. We look forward to another joint concert in the near future. CBSO KS3 CONCERT FRIDAY 2ND FEBRUARY – BIRMINGHAM SYMPHONY HALL The Year 7 students enjoyed a thrilling concert by the City of Birmingham Symphony Hall in their home concert hall. The programme led the boys through several centuries’ worth of music. The students were mesmerised by the power and beautiful sound of the orchestra. We look forward to returning next year! 2017–2018 MUSIC EXAM RESULTS Arthur Sangang-Tuzolana Grade 1 Pass Classical Guitar Kijani Sullivan Grade 1 Pass Piano Arjun Sabherwal Grade 1 Pass Violin Karugan Seevaratnam Grade 1 Merit Classical Guitar Yupeng Huang Grade 1 Merit Classical Guitar Atharv Baghwala Grade 1 Merit Classical Guitar Joshua Joli Grade 1 Merit Classical Guitar Heman Rahim Grade 1 Merit Piano Daniel Oladele Grade 1 Distinction Piano Timothy Lowman Grade 1 Distinction Classical Guitar Omar Whaind Grade 2 Pass Classical Guitar Christopher Donaldson Grade 2 Merit Violin Sean Arias Grade 2 Merit Classical Guitar Saifullah Khan Grade 2 Distinction Classical Guitar Balkaran Kahlon Grade 2 Distinction Classical Guitar Hanzblyth Camanzo Grade 3 Merit Piano Nathan Fernandez Grade 3 Merit Piano Cody Casals Grade 3 Merit Viola Nickyle Johal Grade 4 Pass Classical Guitar Amritpal Randhawa Grade 4 Merit Piano Keir Msuya Grade 5 Pass Clarinet Jagraj Kahlon Grade 5 Merit Classical Guitar Camara Talburt Grade 5 Distinction Piano Robert Frater Grade 8 Merit Classical Guitar Camara Talburt Grade 8 Distinction Jazz Saxophone Karl Frater Grade 8 Distinction Classical Guitar Mr Ward, Head of Music GRADE 8 CLASSICAL GUITAR SUCCESS! Congratulations to Karl and Robert Frater for passing grade 8 on the Classical Guitar. Karl was awarded a “distinction” and Robert a “merit”. 26