‘GCSE Science Live!’ Trip

On Monday 30th January 2023 we made our way to Symphony Hall on Broad Street to attend the ‘GCSE Science Live!’ event, which was an exciting opportunity to hear some of Britain’s top scientists speak about their areas of expertise and interest.

We had an introduction during which we were told the overview of the day. We were not only going to receive are some practical advice that would help us with our examinations, but we were also to hear some renowned scientists, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

We left with a clearer sense of how Sciences help us to understand the natural world.  We learnt how decaying isotopes of elements allow you to understand more about the conditions people lived in (Professor Alice Roberts), why striped patterns appear frequently in our World (Professor Andrea Sella) and how the Universe came to existence (Professor Simon Singh); we were also exposed to the possibility of time travel (Professor Jim-Al-Khalili).

The majority of people found the possibility of time travel and how the universe came into existence to be the most interesting presentations.  However, sadly, since so much can be discussed on these two topics, many questions we had couldn’t be answered by the professors at that time.

Half-way through the day, we received some useful advice about how to answer examination questions efficiently, although we personally felt that our teachers at HGS are already giving us this knowledge.

Overall, it was a very interesting experience which allowed us to understand more about how Science in the real world affects us.

Mohammad Khakssar, Hardev Manku and Jedd Vergara