Mental Health and Wellbeing

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Being mentally healthy means that we feel good about ourselves, make and keep positive relationships with others and can feel and manage the full range of emotions.

These can range from happiness, excitement and curiosity through to less comfortable feelings such as anger, fear or sadness.

Good mental health allows us to cope with life’s ups and downs, to feel in control of our lives and to ask for help from others when we need support.

At KE Handsworth Grammar School we place high importance on Student and Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing:

  • We work with Birmingham Education Partnership on their NHS funded NewStart Programme with a specific focus upon Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • We have a Mental Health & Wellbeing Action Plan that can be found in the policies section of our website.
  • Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy and Appendix can be found in the policies section of our website.
  • We place a great emphasis on our pastoral support and staff training in regard to Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • We promote healthy eating, healthy lifestyles including exercise and healthy relationships during Form Time, Assemblies and our Enrichment Programme.
  • We work with a counselling service (The Wellbeing Crew) so that we can offer counselling to Students who need it.
  • We have an Employee Assistance Programme through Medigold Health which provide support for Staff.
  • We run Induction Programmes both in Year 7 and 12, which includes a workshop about mental health.
  • Please click here to view our workshop about Mental Health & Wellbeing.
  • These are our Year 13 Mental Health Ambassadors. They have a wealth of experience about being a student here at KE HGS. They will lead assemblies and get into Form Time to talk to younger students, to help destigmatise mental health, to promote the 5 ways to wellbeing and to share ideas for managing your mental health
  • Kooth is the UK’s largest digital mental health platform, providing free mental health and wellbeing support services for young people aged 11 – 25.
    Find out more about Kooth below via the assembly made available to students recently.
  • You can find helpful websites, contacts and advice if you have concerns about your mental health here