Business Studies


Mr R Coulthard – Head of Department and teacher of Economics and Government and Politics in KS5.

Mr J Woodcock – Teacher of Business Studies in KS4 and KS5
Mr J Karra – Teacher of Business Studies in KS4


When students join us they often do so with some degree of prior knowledge and understanding. Our aim is to help students to structure their knowledge and to provide a framework to think through new ideas. In doing so we hope that our students achieve exam results that reflect their potential and that we stimulate their interest to progress further and study these subjects at a higher level.


 All courses taught in the Department are in key stages four and five.

Key Stage 4 – GCSE

The GCSE that the department teaches is a Business Studies GCSE run by Edexcel. This GCSE is not essential for the A’ level Business Studies course but it is a useful introduction to those who feel that they have an interest in this area.

The course is comprised of three units.

Unit 1 Introduction to Small Business – provides a framework to consider a range of issues involved in starting and running a small business. This is tested by a 45 minute multiple choice exam.

Unit 2 Investigating a Small Business – Students will use the content of Unit 1 to research, analyse and evaluate a selected task on enterprise issues. This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated through a controlled assessment.

Unit 3 Building a Business – This unit builds on the ideas introduced in Unit 1.Having looked into how businesses are set up, Unit 3 considers how businesses market their products and look after their customers, finances and workforce. Unit 3 is examined by a one and a half hour exam, a mix of multiple choice and stepped data response questions.

Where possible, we try to use contemporary examples to illustrate what we teach in order to draw on the experiences of our students and to link the subject to what they have read and watched.

Key Stage 5

At this level we offer 3 courses. Given the depth of the study involved, an interest in these subjects is always helpful.

Business Studies at AS level is a popular option. Many of the areas introduced at GCSE will recur at both AS and A level. This year a new AS course (AQA) will be introduced in Year 12. Students wishing to continue with Business Studies into Year 13 will sit the full A’ level. There are 2 papers at AS level each worth half the marks and 3 papers at A level worth a third of the marks each. There is no coursework or controlled assessment in Key Stage 5. Mr Woodcock is the key stage 5 Business Studies teacher.

Economics is a more conceptual course and studies the powerful forces that shape the world in which individual businesses have to operate. There are opportunities to study how whole economies (macroeconomics) and individual markets (microeconomics) work at both AS and A level. A new AS level (AQA) was introduced in September 2015 and students who wished to continue their study of Economics into Year 13 will sit the full A level exam in summer 2017.The course is taught by Mr Coulthard.

Government and Politics at AS level is primarily a study of how the elements and institutions of the British system of government fit together. The political aspect relates to how different groups believe the system ought to work. At A2 we study modern British political issues and the European Union. Mr Coulthard is responsible for teaching Government and Politics.


Economics students have benefited and enjoyed the experience of being entered into the Bank of England Target 2.0 interest rate setting competition. Teams of four students compete against other schools in regional heats to analyse the UK economy and prescribe their monetary policy proposals.