Business Studies


Mr R Coulthard – Head of Department and teacher of Economics

Mr J Karra – Head of Business Studies in KS4 and KS5


When students join us they often do so with some degree of prior knowledge and understanding. Our aim is to help students to structure their knowledge and to provide a framework to think through new ideas. In doing so we hope that our students achieve exam results that reflect their potential and that we stimulate their interest to progress further and study these subjects at a higher level.

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Key Stage 4 Business Studies

A Level Business Studies


All courses taught in the department are in key stages four and five.

Key Stage 4 – GCSE

The GCSE that the department teaches is a Business Studies GCSE run by AQA. This GCSE is not essential for the A’ level Business Studies course but it is a useful introduction to those who feel that they have an interest in this area.

The course is comprised of six units.

  1. Business in the real world
  2. Influences on business
  3. Business operations
  4. Human resources
  5. Marketing
  6. Finance

The course requires students to draw on their knowledge and understanding to:

  • Use business terminology to identify and explain business activity
  • Apply business concepts to familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • Develop problem solving and decision making skills relevant to business
  • Investigate, analyse and evaluate business opportunities and issues
  • Make justified decisions using both qualitative and quantitative data including its selection, interpretation, analysis and evaluation and the application of appropriate quantitative skills


Assessment is via two 1hr 45 min exams with a variety of question types including multiple choice and short answer questions as well as longer data response/case study questions

The business environment is dynamic and ever changing and delivery of the course content will be supported by reference to current developments in the business world.  GCSE Business Studies requires students to have both good numerical and good writing skills and is a good GCSE to study in preparation for a wide variety of careers.


Key Stage 5 – A Level

At this level we offer 2 courses. Given the depth of the study involved, an interest in these subjects is always helpful

A level Business Studies aims to give students an understanding of the many problems businesses can face and encourages students to develop analytical and evaluative ways to solve them.  Year 1 of the course focuses on leadership, management and decision making in the various departments of a business and Year 2 looks at the fundamental decisions on strategy made at board level.

Assessment is via 3 examinations of 2 hours each. These contain multiple choice, short answer and extended case study questions as well as essays. Students need to have both good numerical and good writing skills. Business Studies combines well with Economics for those interested in pursuing a finance based degree but is a good general A’ level that will support any career.  Mr Karra is the key stage 5 Business Studies teacher.

A’ Level Economics is a more conceptual course than Business Studies and we focus on the powerful forces that shape the world in which individual businesses have to operate. The course is structured to enable students to study how whole economies (macroeconomics) and individual markets (micro economics) work as well as a look at international aspects in both Years 12 and 13. Students should be numerate and able to write clearly but having an interest in what is going on in the world and wanting to understand it more is also important.

Assessment is by three two hour exams. Paper 1 – Markets and Market Failure, Paper 2 – The National and International Economy and Paper 3 – Economic Principles and Issues.

The course is taught by Mr Coulthard.

Useful Documents

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Curriculum Plan

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AQA – Business Studies

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