Pioneer Trip

Every year, as part of the transition process from Year 6 to Year 7, we take all Year 7 pupils on a 3 day residential trip.   Next year’s trip is to the Pioneer Centre, just outside Kidderminster from Monday 7th, to Wednesday 9th November 2011.

Pupils take part in a variety of activities which are aimed at building confidence, engaging in team work and developing social skills.  As a result, pupils learn to communicate more effectively and see the value of team work as well as meeting personal goals and challenges.  This is crucial to the development of personal learning and thinking skills; in particular, being reflective learners, team workers, self managers and effective participators.  These are the building blocks to a successful education.

Perhaps more importantly from our pupils’ point of view, this is a great chance to make a wider circle of friends which will last with them during their time at Handsworth Grammar School.