Whitemoor Lakes 2022

Every year, as part of the transition process from Year 6 to Year 7, we take all Year 7 pupils on a 3 day residential trip. This year’s trip will be from Wednesday 25th May-Friday 27th May 2022.

Pupils take part in a variety of activities which are aimed at building confidence, engaging in team work and developing social skills.  As a result, pupils learn to communicate more effectively and see the value of team work as well as meeting personal goals and challenges.  This is crucial to the development of personal learning and thinking skills; in particular, being reflective learners, team workers, self managers and effective participators.  These are the building blocks to a successful education.

Perhaps more importantly from our pupils’ point of view, this is a great chance to make a wider circle of friends which will last with them during their time at Handsworth Grammar School.


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Whitemoor Lakes has been my absolute favourite trip by far during my time at any school. It was completely filled with fun and nothing else at all. Everyone enjoyed it greatly. No trip has ever come close to being as amazing and jam packed as this one, it was a really enjoyable experience!

We started our day at 9.30am, by attempting to build a raft entirely from scratch, using nothing but a couple of barrels and logs. It really tested our teamwork and seriously challenged us but it was still great fun! We then had the chance to test them on the lake itself. A few of us did get wet along the way.

During our middle session we had a go at abseiling and we had the chance to have a go on a zip wire, which was especially frightening. We went up around 15-20 metres and had to jump off a towering wall whilst attached to a mere rope. It wasn’t as scary as it sounds but still as thrilling as can be. The zip line was the best as we could quite literally hang upside down whilst speeding 20 metres above the ground.

I don’t think there is a single trip in the world that could even come close to rivalling this one!

Hussein Al-Dhufari (7N)

On the 22nd and 23rd of June our year 7 students all went out to Whitemoor lakes and Cannock Chase and participated in many exiting activities. Luckily it was sunny both of the days. When we went to Whitemoor Lakes they participated in four activities throughout the day. The activities included raft building, abseiling, zip lining and a challenge course.

In the raft building we were given barrels, logs, and rope to try and make a floating raft with help from the instructors. We then tested the rafts on the beautiful but mossy lake.

In the abseiling and zip wiring we were hooked up to a harness and climbed down a wall on the tower and on the zip line, well we zip lined.

In the challenge course we challenged the other team to relay races, and a floor is lava competition.

Overall all we had a good time at Whitemoor Lakes.

Faisal Nezam (7A)

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