Hello and welcome to our catering service. Our school dining room is a place for boys to meet with friends in a comfortable environment, to enjoy conversation and enjoy a meal experience from the many and varied options on our menu.

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We are open:

  • Before school from 8.00am – 8.30am
  • At mid morning break from 10.40am – 11.10am KS3
  • Lunchtime from 12:00pm – 12.35pm
  • KS4 & 5 Lunchtime from 12:50pm – 13:25pm

With ”The Café” located in the Sixth Form Centre, this exciting development gives Sixth Formers the opportunity to buy food and drinks in their own dining room.

We operate a biometric cashless catering system. More details of this are available from the school finance office.

Our aim is to offer the opportunity to purchase food and drink that enables everyone to have a healthy balanced approach to eating during the school day.

Our menus conform to the revised Government Food Standards 2015.

We endeavour to provide food that is healthy that the boys will eat and enjoy.

Breakfast ranges from toast and juice and for those who have a bit more time a cooked breakfast or a hot sandwich with a cup of tea or coffee.

A mid morning break we offer a range of sandwiches and baguettes, toasted sandwiches and fruit and yoghurts and a wide range of drinks.

At lunchtime we offer seven main hot choices every day, a wide range of sandwiches, baguettes, filled jacket potatoes and a daily snack item such a pizza.

Homemade pudding is on offer every day as is a wide choice of homemade cakes and biscuits.
Fresh fruit and yoghurts are always available as a lighter option.
We have a salad bar as well as daily vegetable and pasta/potato choices.

Our Catering Manager Mrs Colette Law, welcomes parents and pupil comments and is always willing to discuss dietary concerns.

For information on access to Free School Meals please contact the school office or click here.

The School offers a Halal meat option as well as non Halal meat options in the Dining Room for those that wish to partake of such food. Our meat supplier is Chicken Joes Limited also known as Love Joe’s. They have been assessed by the Halal Authority Board in partnership with SGS and its processes and systems comply with the Halal Authority Board’s Worldwide Standards for Halal Certification as well as the requirements of Islamic Shar’iah Law to all schools of Jurisprudence. All their meat also adheres to and is licensed with the Red Tractor Licence Certificate which conforms to the Assured Food Standards. Also their food meets the requirements set out in the BRC Global Standard for Food safety as audited by Cert ID Europe Ltd.

All these certificates are on display in the Dining Room and the students have been made aware of this information.

Statement from the Governing Body:

“At King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys, students come from a variety of faith and cultural backgrounds. The Governors are aware that many students and their families have a variety of deeply-held religious beliefs and practices. In order to maintain impartiality, we do not cater for special dietary requirements on religious grounds. All students are offered a healthy and varied selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian food in the Dining Hall: this selection ensures an adequate meal for every student.”