Sixth Form Enrichment Studies


There should be more to the sixth form experience than studying for exams. At KEVI HGS we believe that all students should have the opportunity to access a wide range of activities designed to enrich the academic curriculum, develop new skills and interests as well as just to have fun! The enrichment studies programme offers a diverse selection of activities including both onsite and offsite courses.

We dedicate every Wednesday afternoon to enrichment studies. This means that all students have the opportunity to do a course they enjoy. The courses range from Sport, Cooking, 3D Design & Printing and Mixed Martial Arts – to – Volunteering, Mentoring and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) (full list below). Some of our students play team sports such as Football and Basketball and compete at regional tournaments.

The enrichment opportunities help to develop the students’ leadership qualities, independence, life-long skills such as team work and generally offer them something else other than A-level studies to do.

Most of the courses on offer run from mid-September -to- Mid-January then run again from mid-January -to- Easter break.  This means that students can potentially do two different courses and broaden their horizon. It also gives students the chance to do many activities during their time with us, which gives them much to talk about in their UCAS application.



  • You will have the opportunity to arrange for and complete the necessary work experience to help you get into a good university to study the course you like and help you get a good job.
  • Understand the route into medicine and dentistry and what you need to do to improve your chances of studying them at a good university.
  • Make friends, socialise with existing friends and meet new people.
  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification (select courses) with UCAS points to help you get into university.
  • Learn new skills that you can talk about in your university and, later on, job applications.


Start & Finish Dates

Block 1:

First session: Wed 04 Oct 2023

Last session: Wed 24 Jan 2024 (14 weeks)

#CourseLength of courseTeacherVenue
1ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)Starts in Block 1 and lasts for the whole year.Mr N King Mr M HawkinsC1 / C2
2LEGACYMr F AhmedRoom 31
3EPQMrs A Harvey Ms R HermannRoom 23
(Extended Project Qualification)Mrs R Minhas
4ARTBlock 1 ONLY – course will start again with a new cohort in Block 2Ms CutlerRoom 33
5Current AffairsMr R CoulthardRoom 14
6FencingMr M WardOFFSITE – meeting outside the SFCR
Mr D Bird
7Philosophy & EthicsMrs SagooSF4
8SPORTMr C ConwaySports Hall
Mr A Campbell
Mr E Lloyd
Mr S Thaper
Dr J Tepe
9TextilesMr P SkibinskiD6

Block 2:

First session: Wed 31 Jan 2024

Last session: Wed 22 May 2024 (14 weeks)

NB: ICDL, EPQ and LEGACY continue with the same students from block 1.

#CourseLength of courseTeacherVenue
1Reading CourseBlock 1 ONLY – course will start again with a new cohort in Block 2Mr M WardOFFSITE – meeting outside the SFCR
Mr D Bird
2ARTMs CutlerRoom 33
3Current AffairsMr R CoulthardRoom 14
4FencingMr M WardOFFSITE – meeting outside the SFCR
Mr D Bird
5Philosophy & EthicsMrs SagooSF4
6SPORTMr C ConwaySports Hall
Mr A Campbell
Mr E Lloyd
Mr S Thaper
Dr J Tepe
7TextilesMr P SkibinskiD6

Course Options Booklet

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Project Switch 2.0 (2021-2022)

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Project Navigate (2021-2022)

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Project Relief (2018-2019)




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Team Utopia (2018-2019)


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Project Reform (2017-2018)


Project Switch (2017-2018)


For further information please view our Enrichment Studies Booklet above or email questions using the enquiry contact form with the message subject of FAO: Enrichment Studies.

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More photos from the enrichment courses can be found on the gallery section of the website.