About the School

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys (HGS) is part of the Grammar Schools in Birmingham, the King Edward VI Foundation, and the King Edward VI Academy Trust. We provide a stimulating and educationally successful environment for our pupils – accepting boys from age 11 to 16 as well as boys and girls into our Sixth Form. We welcome applications from children within our catchment area and beyond – to be considered for a place, children must have sat the entrance test and achieved the qualifying score.

As the oldest surviving selective school in Birmingham, we have a long and rich history, but at the same time we are forward looking, using our solid foundations to be prepared for the future.

The values of our school place community, aspiration, respect, endeavour, and service at the forefront of our ethos. We constantly strive to instil the importance of having high standards for work, self-discipline, exemplary behaviour, and high achievement into our students. Hence our students are confident and happy and prepared to face and meet the challenges that they will encounter in our rapidly changing world by embracing new technologies and recognising the importance of the relationship between education and the world of work.

At HGS education goes far beyond academic qualifications must be broader than that alone. Through the ethos and activities of the school, we strive to have a positive impact upon the students’ spiritual, moral, social, cultural, and academic development, and values.

King Edward VI Foundation HGS PSED/EDI Statement

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