Year 7 Induction

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 pupils and their parents for Induction Day on Wednesday 6th July 2022.

Alongside the Induction Day we have set up this Virtual Induction Page for you to look through to find out more about our school. This page will constantly be added to throughout the summer term with key information so please keep coming back to take a look.

Headmaster’s Welcome


Head of Year 7 Welcome – Mrs T Saleem

Essential Information Form

You will be able to fill in our essential information forms in this section of the website.

Please ensure that all forms are completed by Friday 1st July 2022.

Please click here to view the form.



1) What is the start and finish time of the school day?

Information regarding the school day can found here:


2) What do I need to buy for the school uniform?


3) When can I purchase the school uniform?

School uniform can be ordered directly from our suppliers Clive Marks through their website:

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys – K – Shop By School (


4) How can I keep track of my son’s progress while he is at KEVI HGS?

We have recently moved over to Schoolcomms for our School/Home communications. More information about Schoolcomms can be found here:

Parental log in details will be provided during the Autumn term.



5) I am concerned as my son will be catching the bus for the first time in September. What shall I do?

We would recommend you accompany your son on the bus journey that they would take to get to school. Try this on a few occasions, at different times of the day so your son can get used to the journey.

You could use the following website to help plan your son’s journey:

You can also use the following link to find all the relevant information you will need to arrange for your son to start using the bus to school from September. Information and links on the page will include information about planning your journey by bus, safer travel advice, and how to buy the term plus pass:


6) Does the school have a Green Bus service?

The school does not have its own Green Bus service, however there are Green Bus services available, that are linked to other KEVI schools which many of our pupils use. More information can be found here:


7) How often is homework set at KEVI HGS?

Homework will be set once a week, for each subject area. Pupils are given one week to complete their homework.

We use Show my Homework (now called Satchel) to set and assess homework. Both pupils and parents will be given log-in details in September.


8) What extra-curricular activities are run at KEVI HGS?

There are a range of sporting and musical events throughout the year. Our pupils are put in to Houses when they join us in September, and are involved in a range of House competitions throughout their time with us. We also have a range of visits available for students.

If you need anymore information it can be found here:


9) How does KEVI HGS deal with issues of bullying?

KEVI HGS takes bullying very seriously. We believe every young person has the right to be safe in school. There are very rare cases of bullying. If there is an instance of bullying we recommend our students speak to any member of staff, who can then investigate the issue and deal with it accordingly.


10) My child has an additional need, how will KEVI HGS help my child?

The SENCo and Head of Year 7 will be liaising with all of our feeder primary schools to ensure we have as much information about your son before they get to us. We also work very closely with parents who are able to advise us on their child’s needs and strategies that have proved successful in the past.

If you have any queries about additional needs that your son might need support with please do not hesitate to contact the SENCo or Head of Year 7, Mrs T Saleem,



Useful Documents

School Uniform and PE/Games Kit List

KEVI New Intake A-Z

Is your child eligible for Free School Meals?

Cashless Catering Information

School Gateway (Please wait until 29th August to register)

Programme For First Day

Transition Activity Booklet

Transition Activity Passport

Summer Tasks

Transition Activity Booklet

Transition Activity PassPort


Meet the Form Tutors

7 Alfred – Miss E Morgan


7 Galahad – Mr A Sanders


7 Henry – Mrs H Ali


7 Nelson – Mr T Ahmed


7 William – Mr G Dubay