Extra-curricular Activities

Education must be more than the classroom and collection qualifications. One way in which education is broadened is through the School’s extracurricular activities. An exact listing of the opportunities provided can never be given since some are seasonal and others come and go. At any one time they range from the sporting and musical activities of the School, to the Technology club and inter-form quiz. Students are encouraged to fill the gaps they spot, although a friendly member of staff is needed to support the activity.

The school puts on several concerts each year, helping to encourage the students to gain confidence in themselves by performing in front of an audience, or working behind the scenes. Many students partake of instrumental tuition at the School, learning instruments ranging from the guitar to the trombone and from the piano to the Dhol. As a result we can boast a big band, brass group, string quartet, guitar ensemble and other groupings.

The students take part in several trips over a year, including field trips and overseas trips to France and Germany. Other activities have included raising funds for charities, listening to primary school readers and helping a the local KS2 Easter Maths School.