Sixth Form

Senior Prefects – Statements

“As the Senior Prefect team, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. We are very excited to inform you of the new developments and changes taking place here at Handsworth Grammar School. The Sixth Form has a brand new, state of the art building built to facilitate more hard working and intelligent students like yourself. Together with your ideas and suggestions this exciting new space will provide you with the opportunity to develop yourself as well as study for those crucial exams.”

Harikesh Murugan – Head Prefect

It is an honour to be offered a role on the senior prefect team as head prefect. Through this position, I would like to embark on the rewarding experience of engaging with all the students and teachers. My goal is improving and representing our esteemed school whilst creating an environment tailored to our students.

As a fairly new student who joined in year 10, I was welcomed by a positive community of kind and considerate groups of teachers and students alike. A key aspect of our school is the representation of backgrounds from diverse cultures and ethnicities from across the globe. Everyone strives to create a cordial environment benefiting each other and new students are normally able to adapt very quickly.

Yearly, students at KEVI Handsworth Grammar School progress into a range of revered university degrees and apprenticeships. These opportunities are facilitated by the comprehensive support system within the school. This includes the efforts of our encouraging teachers who assist our students in academics as well as extracurriculars. They cater to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student and focus on specific areas in need of improvement throughout the years. By the end of their school journey, the students mature into refined adults ready to face the outside world.

The school allows the students to take full advantage of a furbished set of amenities including the sports hall, AstroTurf, Learning Hub and the newly built sixth form centre equipped with its own computer suite and seminar room. Additionally, the school offers an array of clubs from the debate club to the tropical fish club. Students can also partake in enrichment courses that include philosophy & ethics, government & politics, art, EPQ and many more. Every opportunity serves as a chance for us to learn and improve distinct skills which aim to help us in the future.

My humble advice to the students at King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys would be Carpe Diem – Seize the day. Seek and venture as many possibilities the school has to offer. Each experience provides a valuable lesson that can only prove to be advantageous and aim to enrich yourself in preparation for whatever the future may hold.

Rohit Gill – Deputy Prefect

“If something is important enough, even if the odds are stacked against you, you should still do it.” Elon Musk

In relevance to the quote above, it is a great honor to be able to proudly engage in development and crucial decisions regarding the school as the deputy head boy of KEVI Handsworth Grammar School. I’m well aware of long tradition of academic excellence and expertise that we’ve cherished ever since 1862. Therefore, as one of the future role models of this enriched, diverse community I believe that I must advocate the school’s key ethos and principles.

My role as a deputy head isn’t solely meant to benefit me individually, however for the prosperity of the school, by dedicating my ideas and introduce my initiatives for the advancement of current school policies and agendas and also to be able to be the voice of the community as a whole. I aim to achieve these goals by utilising my skills that I’ve developed over the years by integrating in the extensively competitive, but rewarding environment of the school. Therefore, aiding me to be more accessible to the demands and issues that my fellow peers and younger years might be facing. As a result, helping me bring forth the troublesome affairs that are potentially the root to a dreadful experience in this insightful affiliation.

Alongside A-levels, I preferred to be a part of the “legacy group”, as this was the best opportunity for me to engage with my fellow peers and work as a team to prudently decide how we were going to distribute our spending of £1000. Even though we could not execute the project as a result of COVID-19, I learnt a key skill. As being the leader of my group, it was important for me to listen to everyone’s opinions and reach an impartial decision. Despite it being a difficult challenge, I was successfully able to plan everything out by deriving ideas from everyone. As a deputy, I am aware I will be faced with a dispute regarding students which now I can confidently resolve with the help of the skills I recently learnt throughout year 12.

Thus, I would like to conclude that, as a student who has been part of this diverse community since year 7, I have grasped abundant knowledge about the importance of the teachers who will always be there to support you in every way possible, friends who provide you with an unprejudiced environment and last but not the least, the importance of discipline and pedagogy in one’s life. Therefore, as a short piece of advice I believe that every student ought to continuously test their capabilities as one is competent to achieving everything they desire, whether it is being a Nobel peace prize winner to being the future Cristiano Ronaldo, scoring endless goals! Therefore by grasping those invaluable opportunities in school alongside making friends and all those laughter’s, you will create invaluable memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Joshua Stewart – Deputy Prefect

“Work hard beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!” – Tim Notke

When I had found out I was a deputy head boy, I could not even think or speak I was that surprised. I had only entered recently as an external into such a brilliant school, only to become one of the most important leaders in the senior leadership. Over the past seven months, Handsworth Grammar School for boys has given me a great education, help when I needed it and as well as the academic benefits, I have become a much better person. This position is a vital part of the school system and also acts as a helping hand to the school community. This role is a leading demonstration of the school’s abilities and I am as ready as ever to take on such responsibilities. Especially giving back for the fantastic education I have received so far.

As a deputy prefect, I aim to be a role model to the younger years by ensuring I always have correct uniform and behave appropriately around the school. In addition, I will represent the school by helping other students around the school; especially the year seven’s that will join in September as I know that it can be daunting moving schools. I will make sure students’ will be striving for the best they can achieve and making life at Handsworth Grammar School comfortable for them to slowly get into creating a healthy environment. I will make sure by being given this privilege of such a prestigious role, I will do everything I can to make everyone succeed in what they struggle with.

The academic success and diversity was a brilliant sight for me as being from a different culture or race can lead to a lot of prejudice and even racism in schools, however that was not to be seen in this school and it’s amazing. I am proud to be part of this community and demonstrate my leadership to those around the school. I will also make sure that maturity and responsibility are key, after all we are entering the adult life.

My advice for students applying or studying at Handsworth Grammar School would be don’t be afraid to work harder, don’t be afraid to try something different, don’t be afraid to come out of your shell and better yourself. Don’t settle for second best and the most important thing, always stay focus on your work, never fall behind.

Juwairiya Walimia – Deputy Prefect

It’s a privilege to be appointed the position of Deputy Head Girl and I am honoured to have the opportunity to uphold the school’s virtues and ethos. This position allows me to represent my peers and to serve as a bridge between staff and student concerns and I aspire to do my best in fulfilling this role. I hope to serve as a positive role model to my younger years, inspiring them to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Despite being at the sixth form for a short period of time, the school has already offered countless academic and non-academic opportunities to develop my skills and shape me into becoming an independent and responsible young adult. One example of this was the Legacy enrichment programme where I worked as part of a team to provide support for the elderly during the pandemic. This has enabled me to become more resilient and has improved my teamworking skills. Being a part of the minority of girls in the year can be a daunting experience however both staff and students alike ensured that the girls always felt comfortable and therefore helped in developing my confidence skills.

Alongside the wide range of opportunities our school offers, the teachers themselves along with the exceptional educational facilities ensure that the students are in a comfortable position to freely ask for help and have the support to develop into mature, responsible, confident adults.

My advice to those at King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys is to seize every opportunity made available to you. Do not be afraid to face new challenges and use every experience as an opportunity to grow and develop further and become a better individual.

Cameron Nahl – Deputy Prefect

As deputy head prefect of our school my predominant goal is as follows: To do everything I can to ensure every student here has the best possible experience. Ultimately, all the pupils should be able to look back on their time at the school with fondness, having fully enjoyed their adventures here and capitalised on the excellent opportunities presented to them. Already being an environment where we are constantly encouraged to refine and perfect our academic and other practical skills, this school undoubtedly maintains a culture of developing students into valuable and intelligent members of society, and I simply plan to continue and improve this successful system.

To have a role in the senior prefect team is an honour and I can say with total assuredness that I intend to carry out this role as best as I can. The student and staff body can be confident in my – and the other members of the senior prefect teams’ – abilities and complete commitment to strengthen and preserve the school’s values. From the beginning of year 7 these values have often been made clear to me, so I am very familiar with them. As a result, I am keen to uphold the principles of the school, for example the strong sense of community one feels here as a student.

To those wanting to join King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys – be it as a year 7 or in the sixth form – I would say that one of the most important things to do here is to make the most of every opportunity handed to you, as it is likely that you would never have gotten that opportunity at another school. Put simply, maximise your potential as a student of this fantastic school. Remain focused on the end goal of becoming a knowledgeable and inspiring person, but above all else enjoy your time as a pupil here and have fun, so that when you eventually leave, you are prepared to be a strong and independent adult who is able to take on whatever challenges life throws their way.

Nyrun Hargun – Chair of School Council

Learning about the role of Chair of School Council, I knew that was something I aspired to. I accepted with great prestige, knowing the changes I wanted to make to the school. The best aspect of the role is being able to help others, enhancing their experience at school and making the students’ lives easier. This combined with reasonable student suggestions has strengthened and will continue to improve the school adventure for years to come.

The School Council plays an imperative role as it acts in the student’s best interests. For example, the School Council helped build an Astro turf both on school grounds and at the offsite fields for those students who enjoy sports. However, it is guaranteed that all students will enjoy a wide range of facilities to enhance their education, for instance the state-of-the-art science facilities, as Handsworth Grammar is accommodating for all students and will further support their aspirations.

If you are considering joining King Edwards VI Handsworth Grammar School, I can genuinely say that this school will provide you with the best experience. My advice for new students would be to try your best whilst having fun and experiencing new opportunities as they will be cherished as future memories. It will not be an easy journey, but if you try your hardest, you will reap the rewards of your hard work and will set a solid foundation for your future.