Sixth Form

Senior Prefects – Statements

“As the Senior Prefect team, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. We are very excited to inform you of the new developments and changes taking place here at Handsworth Grammar School. The Sixth Form has a brand new, state of the art building built to facilitate more hard working and intelligent students like yourself. Together with your ideas and suggestions this exciting new space will provide you with the opportunity to develop yourself as well as study for those crucial exams.”

Suraj Sanhi – Head Boy

Head Boy - Surah Sanhi

Having joined Handsworth in Year 9, I was welcomed to the school by teachers and students alike. Since then, I have been given several opportunities to develop both as a student as well as a person. I have been taught how to communicate with a wide variety of people thanks to the school’s uniquely diverse cohort. Furthermore, the education offered to us all has been second to none shown by successful GCSE’s and A-levels being seen as the norm. This can be attributed to the caring staff who guide students individually and who make it their goal to get to know us as people so they can cater their teaching to all of us.

Being the oldest Grammar School in Birmingham, Handsworth strikes the perfect balance of tradition as well as progressive and modern thought. This is apparent through the ideologies of so many of its teachers as well as the physical school itself , which combines the Gothic buildings of old with the new wings such as the Sixth Form Centre and Science and Technology blocks.

The position of Head Boy allows me to add to the schools immense, deep founded legacy and I consider it a great privilege to be given such responsibility. I endeavour to help further the schools progression and bring forth the views and wishes of students, to ensure the school experience is as amazing for years to come as it was for me.

Maryam Shafiq – Head Girl

Head Girl - Maryam Shafiq

It is a great honour to hold such a prestigious profile as the first Head Girl under the new name King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School. I am determined to fulfil my role to the best of my ability and leave my legacy at the school, just like senior prefects have in the past.

During my short time at Handsworth Grammar School I have discovered a friendly learning environment where everyone wants to achieve their best. Students here are driven with motivation to get the very best results and leave with experiences they will never forget; the staff team are also constantly pushing students to help them exert their full potential. This hard work from both teams has led our School to become a very successful Grammar School amongst many others in Birmingham.

A levels are potentially the toughest exams students face. The staff have supported me and my peers through every step, which resulted in some amazing AS results. This success has led to a motivation for most students to apply for Oxbridge and Russell group universities. Thus, with great pride, I am excited to represent my school in the year to come and build on my social and academic skills.

A word of advice from me to you, ensure you are motivated enough to believe that you are capable of reaching your goals as long as you work hard and try your very best. Alongside your academic success take every opportunity as it comes, from helping out on open days to amazing trips overseas, as this will all shape you into a strong, independent individual; I hope you all leave Handsworth Grammar School with some great experiences just like I have, and I wish you all the very best.

Shoaib Farooque – Deputy Head Boy

Deputy Head Boy - Shoaib Farooque

Having been appointed Deputy Head Boy, it is with great pleasure to be among the first set of senior prefects to lead this school under the new name King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys.

My time at the school since year 7 has been thoroughly enjoyable with many fond and joyous memories experienced with both students and teachers. My recent successes in my GCSE and AS examinations are a reflection of not only focus and determination, but a glimpse of the quality of education provided by this amazing school. Over the years, Handsworth Grammar School has helped me become a more diligent and confident individual; not purely academically, but in scenarios like sport and in the business world. Furthermore, the school has always inspired and aided me to achieve my goals and have strong ambitions.

Therefore, it is my duty, along with the rest of the prefect team to continue the school’s great reputation and to ensure that we are drawn together with the common goal of continuing to aid the school in a positive direction, and build on the school’s growing reputation in the wider community. The passion, spirit, commitment, pride and determination the prefect team possesses will combine to ensure this year is an outstanding year for the school, and will hopefully set the tone for years to come.

Most importantly, some advice from me to you, enjoy the year ahead of you. Take opportunities with both hands and give it your all in this place. Don’t be afraid to ask for help on any issues, whether it be academic or personal issues, because the teachers, other students and prefects will give you a hand.

Anastasia Martin – Deputy Head Girl

Deputy Head Girl - Anastasia Martin

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys is a traditional ethos based Grammar School that takes pride in its’ core aims of teaching and decorum around the school. Thus, it is only with great honour and privilege that I wholly accept this prestigious role as Deputy Head Girl. Though I only joined Handsworth Grammar School a year ago, it certainly feels like I have settled in for much longer than the reality. The unique and authentic sense of community here at HGS is incomparable– it is one that integrates, embraces and encourages every single student regardless of your background, age or beliefs. To show my gratitude towards the school, I will use this responsibility as Deputy Head Girl to act as a role model to the younger students ensuring that they feel just as welcomed.

In regards to studying at HGS, a solid work ethic, aspiration and ambition are all aims that are thoroughly advocated by the staff and reciprocated by the students throughout the school. As a Sixth Form student presently studying A Levels, it is stimulating to be amongst other students with similar motivations to accomplish their academic goals.

As a HGS student, we are given the best opportunities that secondary school education could possibly offer, whether this is as small as joining the school’s chess club or joining Ernest & Young; one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the world. With that being said, my advice from me to you would be to seize these opportunities that arise as it is these experiences that mould and develop you as a young person.

Arran Bola– Chair of School Council

Chair of School Council - Arran Bola

Being appointed as the Chair of School Council was an honour. I have sat on the School Council Board since Year 8, allowing me to gain an insight into the challenges and successes of pupils from all ages and backgrounds. The position I sit in allows me to voice the student’s ideas and concerns and it is exciting to see the school constantly grow. I have attended Handsworth Grammar School since Year 7 and I have been able to develop my own ideas for the benefit of the school, which I hope to implement this year.

Handsworth Grammar welcomes change with the likes of the newly implemented AstroTurf pitch on Baker St, to the new DT Block being renovated; an addition to the school’s strong traditional base. Sixth Form consists of stress and constant hard work, however I always look forward to coming to school, seeing my friends and gaining an unparalleled education. Being surrounded by people on similar wavelengths, who have high ambitions encourages me to progress both educationally as well as motivates me to seize opportunities to develop as an individual.

My advice to any new students is to grasp opportunities, work hard but to also enjoy the Handsworth Grammar School experience; one that can’t be found anywhere else.