Sixth Form

Senior Prefects – Statements

“As the Senior Prefect team, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. We are very excited to inform you of the new developments and changes taking place here at Handsworth Grammar School. The Sixth Form has a brand new, state of the art building built to facilitate more hard working and intelligent students like yourself. Together with your ideas and suggestions this exciting new space will provide you with the opportunity to develop yourself as well as study for those crucial exams.”

Krishan Patel – Head Prefect

‘Haec olim meminisse iuvabit’ – One day, we will look back on this and smile

KEVI Handsworth Grammar School is many things: a fantastic school, a safe environment, a community to grow in and make lifelong friends. For me and many others, this has been the reoccurring case time and time again. I am honoured to be a part of the Senior Prefect Team, and am truly privileged to have been offered the role of Head Prefect. At the forefront of the student body, I hope to continually serve for the betterment of the school – whether it be simply supporting fellow pupils, or making changes of improvement – I wish to proudly represent and engage with the school’s systems to make a greater school environment for students and staff alike.

I’ve been at HGS since I joined as a Year 7 student in 2016, but the school has stood strongly since 1862. Now, it is a colourful, diverse community with students from all across Birmingham, representing varied cultures from across the world. Despite the differences in background, the school is a warm environment where everyone can accept one another, aligning with the school’s focussed efforts on HGS CARES. The values of this initiative are emphasised throughout school life, contributing to the personal development of all, as students grow from the children they once were into confident young adults.

While the school nurtures students to achieve their academic potential, exhibited from our most recent A-Level and GCSE results, looking aside from conventional curriculum, the school offers many resources and opportunities to facilitate a student’s extracurricular development, which is perpetually improving each year. From facilities like the Learning Hub Library to the AstroTurf, from regular societies including the Chess Club to the Tropical Fish Club, from enrichment programmes such as EPQ to Martial Arts, the school is dedicated in enabling the exploration of a student’s individual passions and interests with likeminded peers, allowing for enriched students who are so much more than just their academic studies.

To be able to fondly look back on the experiences of my secondary school is a kindness because it is the knowing that countless other students too can happily reminisce on their own experiences, and appreciate their successes at KEVI HGS at the same time. I hope that all students can push themselves to become the very best versions of themselves, so that they too, one day, can look back on their time at HGS and smile.

Safa Ahmed – Deputy Prefect

With immense gratitude and powerful goals, I took on the role of being Deputy Head Prefect at KEVI Handsworth Grammar School. The prestige and academic excellence we’ve upheld since 1862 is truly admirable. I not only believe, but advocate the school’s virtues and ethos and deem it my responsibility to carry on this legacy by educating our younger generation.

Despite only having been part of this school community for only a year, I have already learnt so much and made so many new relationships that I will forever cherish, especially with the staff who are truly inspirational. The school has opened so many doors for me, whether that be academically or non-academically, allowing me to work on my education but also confidence. Admittedly, being part of the minority in a male dominated school can be daunting, but with the help of our school community, comfortability comes so easily, and I can confidently now say I am here today happier than I have ever been at any school, all credit going to the support I received.

We are dedicated to helping our students thrive in every way possible, evidenced by our range of extra-curricular activities allowing our students to find their own passions and interests, so that they are well enriched as well as being well educated. Our main goal is to ensure that each and every student learns, grows and achieves, whilst enjoying their experience along the way. Ultimately, students will spend a good amount of time at HGS and we want them to look back and smile upon their experiences and any stories they have to tell.

My advice to the younger students is to not fear failure, rather fear not trying. It is obvious that they will have very high ambitions which come along with many difficulties, and fearing their goals will only delay their success, however working hard whilst enjoying the process will make their journey as beautiful as their destination. It will be hard, and some days you will feel like giving up, but keep your goal in sight and remain focused. The key to success is self-belief and hard work, remembering to keep your head up and smile along the way.

Sarah Ali– Deputy Prefect

It is with great honour to be recognised as a senior prefect at Handsworth Grammar School and being able to have the responsibility of making a substantial contribution to the school that not just benefits myself but also my peers. This position means acting as a representative of the schools’ values both inside and outside of the school as well as being the bridge between student and staff concerns. My goal is to inspire the younger students to be the best possible versions of themselves as well as being motivated to create a hardworking but memorable environment in one of the most vital years of our lives.

Although I have only been at sixth form for a year, this school has offered me numerous opportunities both academically and non-academically in focus with building my character. Being part of the minority of girls may seem intimidating at first but with the help of both staff and students made it easier to adjust which in return helped me a lot in developing my confidence skills. I think because of this if I would describe Handsworth Grammar as a community, this school represent a range of cultures and ethnicities who come together as one to represent the HGS care values, helping them leave as independent young adults.

As well as academic achievements, I believe that enjoyment is a crucial factor in doing well in academics. The school is dedicated in creating an environment tailored to the students by allowing them to explore their individual passions and interests by offering a range of clubs and opportunities to take part in to improve their extracurricular development alongside their academic development. I believe that every student should step out of their comfort zone and seize every opportunity presented to them as they have the skills and greatness of achieving everything they desire and more.

My advice to the students at Handsworth Grammar is to not be afraid to work harder, to take risks and better themselves as there is no limit to where it can take you and the lessons you can learn from it. As well as working hard to achieve their goals do not forget to enjoy the moment and make memories that you can look back on and laugh.

Kavish Bhopal – Deputy Prefect

“Great leaders do not create followers; they create more leaders.” Tom Peters

As one of the Deputy Head Prefects at KEVIHGS, a position that I am honoured to be in, I have been given the responsibility of enriching the school environment and to continually ensure that students continue to be successful in all aspects of their life. As a member of the senior body, I am grateful that I can inspire other students to become the best version of themselves, and to seek who they really are.

After studying here for 7 years, I have seen the school gain the prestigious King Edward VI title, a wealth of projects making a genuine impact on the local community, and various charities being supported by students across all year groups. As a collective, we strive to make an impact, and I aim to display the morals and conduct that we stand for. Other than our esteemed grade averages across both A-Levels and GCSES, I am confident that KEVIHGS provides and encourages extra-curricular activity in its widest form. From a variety of sports, reading, trips, visits or even languages, there are multiple activities to develop us as an individual with other like-minded individuals. The significance of which is not to be understated, because self-discovery is a journey which is like no other.

I believe all students have the opportunity to succeed at KEVIHGS, and it is undeniable that the aid of the brilliant staff across all departments contributes to this success, but ultimately it is up to each individual to take the opportunities presented to them whether that be academia or a hobby.

If there is any takeaway from what I have said, it would be to seek challenges, remain persistent, and have fun!

Rohan Bagga – Chair of School Council

Throughout my life at HGS, I always sought to become Chair of School Council and lead action in the school by myself. Appointed to this role, I was both honoured and ready, with a list of suggestions; I was excited knowing I had the chance to improve the life of students in my school community. My favourite aspect of being Chair of School Council is meeting the younger members of the student body, to liaise and create relevant suggestions to strengthen and ease student life, as they advance in this school adventure.

Here, School Council is an imperative body, which pertains to those who want to speak up and be a voice for their peers. Some of our successful implementations were: the halal meat selections in the canteen, Astro turf both on school grounds and offsite fields as well as better seating in our silent study room. Regardless of how big and small, the student’s interest is always at the fore front.

We guarantee that all HGS students will be accommodated and supported within their aspirations. Through means of our state-of-the-art educational facilities, such as our new DT block, there is no doubt that students feel comfortable and assured that their dreams can be achieved.

If King Edwards VI Handsworth Grammar School sparks your interest, I can personally say this school can provide the provisions for successful future. My advice will always be, keep calm, keep focused and keep it fun. Yes, the journey will have a few bumps, but it’s the ability to bounce back and learn from these divots, that create smooth foundations for a successful academic career.