House System

At Handsworth Grammar School we have five Houses as follows:

House Activities


The main aims and objectives of the inter house programme are as


  • Enhance the sense of pride in the School
  • Development of the School culture and values
  • Recognise participation and achievement in extracurricular activities
  • Provide a varied cultural and sporting programme in School
  • Encourage a healthy competitive environment
  • Encourage multi-level participation
  • Develop Leadership and Pastoral Skills at all key stage levels
  • Develop unity and a common interest between pupils and staff
  • Each pupil in Years 7-11 will wear their house names on their blazers to ensure allegiance to that house.


The house system is designed to create fun activities for pupils and staff and to put enjoyment and memorable experiences right at the heart of our enrichment programme.


HGS House Captain Responsibilities


Sixth Form House Captain and Vice Captain Responsibilities:


  • To meet with the Head of House to plan each term’s competitions
  • To support the Head of House on the delivery of house assemblies
  • To provide officials to support staff with the running of House competitions
  • To provide inspiration and motivation to all pupils in their House
  • To manage Year Captains to ensure they are prepared for events
  • To provide information for their Year Captains , such as dates, times and team sheets
  • To meet regularly with Year Group House Captains
  • To ensure the house notice boards are informative and well maintained (results and photos)


Year House Captain Responsibilities:


  • To organise and select teams for your year groups competitions in consultation with your Head of House and the Sixth Form Captain and Vice Captain
  • To ensure ALL team members know when they are playing or are involved in events
  • To ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all, irrespective of ability
  • To receive trophies at end of term assemblies


House Programme


1st Half Term 2nd Half Term
House Football
KS3 and KS4
Table Tennis
KS3 and KS4
Cross Country
KS3 and KS4
All Years
House Debate
All Years


1st Half Term 2nd Half Term
KS3 and KS4
The Great Handsworth Bake off
Sixth Form
House Quiz
All Years


1st Half Term 2nd Half Term
KS3 and KS4
Athletics / Sports Day
KS3 and KS4
KS3 and KS4
University Challenge
Sixth Form

House Merits – all years
House Charity – all years

Running Scores