King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys has joined the Grammar Schools in Birmingham as from 1st September 2013 for our admissions procedures. A new website has been launched by the Grammar Schools in Birmingham which contains all the necessary details of how to apply, deadline dates and so on. Also a flier and brochure is published every year.

Admission to the School is in accordance with Public Notices issued on 4 September 1992 under Section 63(2) of the Education Reform Act 1988 as varied by the Public Notices issued on 1 December 1995 under Section 96(1) of the Education Act 1993.

Only children who attain the required standard in the prescribed arrangements for selection by reference to aptitude are eligible to be considered for admission to the School. These arrangements require that prospective pupils are considered for admission to the school on the basis of a combined score, standardised according to the age of the pupil, normally above the seventieth percentile of the national ability range on standardised tests of verbal, numerical and non-verbal reasoning ability. The content, nature and scope of these tests is reviewed regularly.

The number of intended admissions each year is 150 at age 11 years. Children who have not reached the age of 11 years, but who are in the same year group at primary school as those who have done so, may be considered for admission to the school.

The School expects to attract pupils from Birmingham and its surrounding areas. Where the number of applications for admission from eligible pupils exceeds the number of places available, places are offered in merit order according to their standardised score in the entrance tests. Where children are equal on test score, Looked After Children (in Public Care) will be given priority and then those who live nearest to the school (according to the straight line distance between home and school).

Details of admission and appeal arrangements regarding entry to the school at age 11 years are published each year.

Parents wishing to enrol a pupil of statutory school age other than at the normal age of admission should contact the Headmaster. Admissions to the school after the normal age of admission, (up to the number of places available), are based upon the pupil’s 11+ entrance examination score or on an assessment of the pupil’s ability. Only applicants who have requested admission at the time of the vacancy arising can be considered. Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, candidates are admitted according to merit.

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Sixth Form Admissions

The school welcomes applications from boys and girls at age 16 years for entry into the Sixth Form. A limited number of external admissions is anticipated each year into Year 12. For entry into Year 12 in September 2020 this number is expected to be 10. Details of the procedures for entry into the Sixth Form are available from the school after the start of the Autumn term in the year preceding entry. Offers of places in the Sixth Form will be conditional upon academic results, capacity on chosen courses and satisfactory school report. In the event of over-subscription preference will be given to looked after children or previously looked after children; and then those who live nearest to the school (according to the straight-line distance between home and school).

Details of how to apply can be found in the Sixth Form area of the website.

In Year Transfers

If a space becomes available during the school year, the following procedures are followed to fill the gap.

Year 7 – the waiting list that exists from the 11+ exam in September is used. The number 1 student on the waiting list will be offered the space first and so on. Any student who sat the test, and named Handsworth Grammar School on the preference form are on this list, along with any students who have requested a waiting list position during the year.

Years 8 – 11 – Parents can apply for their child to be put on the waiting list for the particular year, and once a gap arises, all the students on the list are invited to come to school and sit tests in English and Maths. These tests are produced at the time of the test by the Head of English and Head of Maths, and are designed to identify if the successful student would be able to cope with the workload. There are no practice papers, or revision materials.

Once the tests are marked and the scores are ranked, the student who has performed best will then be invited to meet with the Headmaster and the Head of Year. We will also request up-to-date copies of their latest school report to analyse and assess their predicted progress and performance.

Should the meeting be successful and the reports confirm their ability and suitability, we would then offer the student a place.

The 11+ for Entry into Year 7

All applicants will need to complete a Grammar Schools in Birmingham Test Registration Form. All applicants also need to complete the Local Authority preference form supplied by the Local Authority in which they currently live. A number of schools can be named on these forms in a ranked order of preference. It is important to name Handsworth Grammar School as a preferred choice. If a school is not listed on your Local Authority form you cannot be offered a place.

In considering applications, all schools will apply their own admissions criteria. The Grammar Schools in Birmingham only consider entrance test scores and will make offers to the highest scoring applicants. Other schools may make offers based on distance from the school to the applicant’s home. All offers will be submitted to the Local Authority. If a child meets the criteria for two or more schools, the Local Authority will offer a place at the school ranked highest on the Local Authority preference form. Parents will only receive one offer

For absolute clarity in all respects of the admissions process, please refer to the current Admissions Brochure for the Grammar Schools in Birmingham and also visit the website at

2021 Entry Test Important Dates


4th May 2020 All applications are completed online.
17th June 2020 Reasonable Adjustments deadline (request for special arrangements)
26th June 2020 Test registration closes at 4pm
12th September 2020 Test date
16th October 2020 Grammar School test results issued to parents
31st October 2020 LA Preference Form deadline
1st March 2021 School Offer

The Test

The test will be held on the morning of Saturday 12th September 2020.

Your child will sit two tests of approximately 50 minutes with additional time for instructions to be given.

The papers will be divided into smaller, individually timed sections that test:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non verbal reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Reading comprehension/literacy skills

Children will complete an answer sheet by shading in the box for the answer they feel is correct. This answer sheet will then be scanned by a computer. The marks will be standardised to take account of differences in age and then added together.

Sample questions will be sent to you on receipt of your completed registration form.

Practice papers

A range of publications designed to assist preparation for school admission tests is available from leading bookshops.

None of the schools keep past papers and these are not available from other sources.

Intensive coaching or tuition is not in the long term best interests of your child. The Grammar Schools in Birmingham is in no way connected to, nor does it endorse or recommend, the services of any organisation or agency purporting to offer tuition and/or revision courses for children to assist in preparing them for school entrance tests.

Sample Blank Questions (pdf).


You will receive your child’s test score in early October 2020 by post. The letter will indicate the scores required for admission for each of the schools in the previous two years. Parents/carers can then decide whether or not to include any of the Grammar Schools in Birmingham on their home Local Authority (LA) preference form.

Offers will be made by the Local Authority on 1st March 2021 and full details are given in your Local Authority booklet or available online.

Parents will only receive one offer and will not hear from any school unable to offer their child a place.

If you have not received your child’s letter informing you of their test score by Tuesday 20th October 2020, please email to request a further copy


Parents/carers MUST complete a Local Authority (LA) preference form.
These are available from your child’s school or your home Local Authority.

If a school is not named on your child’s Local Authority form they cannot be offered a place.

Applicants are ranked according to their test score. Where children are equal on test score, Looked After Children (in Public Care) will be given priority and then, where children are still equal on test score, those who live nearest to the school (according to the straight line distance between home and school).

The rankings for each of the Grammar Schools will be passed to Local Authorities who will allocate places.

Your home Local Authority will consider your application to each of the schools you have named on the preference form. You may be able to name up to six schools.

Information on how places are allocated is given in your home Local Authority booklet or online. Please read the information very carefully.

All Local Authorities must now operate an equal preference system so, if your child meets the criteria for two or more schools, the Local Authority will offer them a place at the school ranked highest on the Local Authority form. Therefore, if you put a grammar school first on your Local Authority form, but your child is not successful in the entrance test, you will not put at risk the chance of them being offered a place at any other school you have listed. Your child’s application for other schools will be treated in the same way as every other application. For example, it will depend on the distance between your home and the school for most community schools.


For Appeals queries please contact the Foundation Office at The Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham on 0121 415 6004 or by email

11+ Open Evenings

We will be holding two Open Evenings as follows:

Thursday 25th June 2020 5 – 8 pm

Thursday 19th September 2019 5 – 8 pm


Thursday 7th November 2019 4:30 – 6:30 pm