Fundraising Campaign

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Fundraising Campaign

We have now entered the public phase of our Fundraising Campaign and would like to give you some advanced notice of Receptions that will be taking place in September, October and November. Also we would welcome contact from any Parents who would like to be involved in the campaign as a volunteer. Please contact Santush Chaunkria our Campaign Manager on 0121 507 8272 or click here to send an email. Please remember that the aim of the campaign is to raise £500,000 towards our new Sixth Form Centre and future projects which will benefit all our Students as well as the wider community.

Parent Receptions are due to be held on:

Thursday 2nd October
Thursday 16th October and
Thursday 27th November

A Reception for Old Boys will be held on Saturday 18th October.

A Business Information Reception will be held on Thursday 18th September.

More details to follow.


ground floor plan SFC-page-001-smallfirst floor plan SFC-page-001-small


elevations sheet 1 SFC-page-001-small elevations sheet 2 SFC-page-001-small

elevations sheet 3 SFC-page-001-small

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Mr Khalid Mahmood MP and Honorary Alderman Najma Hafeez visited Handsworth Grammar School on the 8th May. They met with Mr Bird, Mrs McGoldrick and Mrs Virdee to discuss a range of topics including extending our links in the community and our Fundraising Campaign “Inspiring the Minds of the Future”. It was a very positive and successful meeting.