Parent Teacher Association

A new PTA has been established at Handsworth Grammar School (HGS). 

What is a Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?
The PTA is a friendly and informal voluntary body of parents who have children at the school.  Most schools have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which is an organisation of parents and staff. Its role is to encourage closer links between home and school. PTAs act in a positive way and are a force for good. PTAs are best known for their fundraising work, but they have a useful social function too. Fundraising events provide an opportunity for parents, staff and pupils to get together as part of a wider school community.

How is money raised?
Most PTAs raise money through events. They often hold one main event each school term – for example, a Christmas fair in the winter, a quiz in the spring, and a summer fair. Other PTA events include discos, firework displays, international evenings and much more. They are always looking for new fundraising ideas.

How is money spent?
Funds raised by the PTA are intended to provide ‘extras’ not already provided by the school’s main income – often ‘fun things’ that make learning more interesting and exciting.

The PTA and the Headmaster decide how to spend PTA funds. Common items include computers and other technological items such as digital cameras and Ipads, a school minibus and smaller purchases such as lights for a Divali celebration.


Our vision is to enhance and embellish the education and futures of all our children by encouraging engagement and communication between students, parents and school.


The core aim of the PTA is to support our students and the school through fundraising events which will provide additional resources to strengthen our student’s education and achievements.  The PTA want to support a learning environment where students and staff have space to interact, to engage and are at the core of our community.


  • To act with integrity.
  • To support the school, students and parents.
  • To enhance the educational experience and future opportunities for each and every HGS student.