Virtual Open Evening Week

Message from Dr Bird

Welcome to our 2020 Open Evening! We find ourselves in unprecedented times and as a result of the pandemic we are holding a virtual Summer Open Evening over the course of this week.

Founded in 1862 King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School is the oldest Grammar School in Birmingham and enjoys a fine tradition of excellence and achievement. We are very much in and of our community being proud of our ethos, culture and traditions. We are part of the King Edward VI Foundation and our admissions at 11+ are managed by the Grammar Schools in Birmingham. We are creative, innovative and forward thinking as well as being conscious of our historical roots.

We aim to make a real and significant difference to the lives of each and every student we educate regardless of background. Every student has a vast array of clubs and societies that they can choose to join whatever their interest as well as being a member of a House with all the competition and friendly rivalry that brings. The extensive opportunities available are created by a school that has acknowledged excellence in a range of areas but which is able to balance the academic, pastoral and extracurricular needs of the community with that of the individuals that form its student body. We are fortunate to have  a talented and motivated staff who are able to nurture the best from each and every student.

Our students enjoy coming to school and they make excellent academic progress and reach high standards. Our GCSE and A Level results are testament to this with our sixth formers going on to study at the best universities such as Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Warwick and Cambridge. We develop habits of resilience, questioning, thinking and collaboration. This enables our students to know what to do when they don’t know what to do. They are a force for good and use their knowledge to make informed decisions. We see this through the charity work that goes on at every level in the school and through the work of the School Council and volunteering programmes that run on a weekly basis.

In our most recent Ofsted inspection we were graded as Outstanding in every category. We do not rest on our laurels and constantly look to improve how we do things both in and out of the classroom. However at the heart of all we do is our community – people. Both students and staff. We are a genuinely happy school with students and staff working together in harmony. We have fun here and we often laugh together. We are not pretentious or arrogant. We recognise that choosing the right school is a difficult decision so please do look at what we offer here at HGS. When we are able to we will welcome you in person.

With my best wishes.

Stay safe.

Dr Simon Bird

Head Boy and Girl Speeches

Message from Hasnain Sumar (Head Boy).

Dear Parents and students.
My name is Hasnain Sumar and I am the Head Boy here at King Edwards Handsworth Grammar School for Boys. I would like to start by extending a heartfelt and warm welcome to each and every one of you.

It feels as if only yesterday, I was listening to the Head Boy’s speech when I was in Year 6, admiring the incomparable prospects the school had to offer. Suddenly, it was 2013 and I was putting on my new tie and blazer, preparing myself to enter the gates of Handsworth Grammar School, but more importantly, the gates to my new life. For the past 7 years, I have entered those same gates every morning at 8:30, and not once have I ever regretted my decision.

Having been a student here since year 7, it has been an honour to see and be part of a variety of developments across the school. From the shelter in the quad, the table tennis area, the Astro turf not only on school grounds but also at the fields, and most importantly our new, state of the art Sixth Form centre built with its own computer suite, common room and canteen, the facilities provided here at King Edwards Handsworth Grammar ensure that you as a student and as an individual strive to reach your absolute potential.

Beyond the state-of-the-art facilities provided by the school, we pride ourselves with the top-quality teaching and support provided by all members of staff. As students, we strive to achieve the best results possible in our GCSEs and A-levels, which would not be possible without the support provided both inside and out of the classroom, through classroom teaching, focused super-curricular groups and constant communication via emails.

Despite the current unprecedented conditions that have disturbed GCSE and A-level examinations, the continuous dedication of our teachers to our education has been immensely helpful in keeping us busy during quarantine and preparing us for post-lockdown education. From the view of a student who should’ve been sitting A-level examinations, it has been clear to me that the work provided by our teachers via emails, Show My Homework and Microsoft Teams has not only been targeted at maintaining the knowledge we have gained during our studies, but we are also advancing our current capabilities to begin preparing ourselves for University. Having spoken to several GCSE students recently, it has become clear that they have also been set work to the standard at which they are well prepared for the beginning of their A-level studies in September.  From students in Year 7 to those in Year 13, the teachers here at King Edwards Handsworth Grammar School cater to the needs of all students to ensure that all students achieve their personal academic potential. The number of students who leave Handsworth Grammar School at the end of their GCSE and A-level exams to attend the country’s best Apprenticeships and Universities, therefore, comes as no surprise.
As I come to the end, I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to join our Virtual Open Evening and on behalf of the Senior Prefect Team, we cannot wait to see many bright, eager students applying for the chance to study here at King Edwards Handsworth Grammar School for Boys. Thank you.

Hasnain Sumar (Head Boy).


Message from Deborah Sepo (Head Girl).

Good afternoon and a warm Welcome to  King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School. My name is Deborah Sepo and I am the Head Girl of this school. When I first started here I was hesitant to enter into the grammar school experience, which some might perceive as the typical textbook learning however I’ve come to realise that this high intellect environment with its mass of mature students has helped me see the necessity of Independence. Never the less we shouldn’t misunderstand this independence for lack of assistance as our school ensures that support is available throughout your time at our school.

Our school is a hub for learning and growth. When the boys come here as 11 year olds they will always leave as young adults who have a great understanding of their world and a drive to keep on doing better for themselves. Learning at our school is more than just textbooks and classroom work, it’s the staff teaching a subject that they personally enjoy and study. This allows them to guide students to achieve their potential. The students are given the freedom to put their intellectual capabilities to the most use but they are also guided down the best path especially during their time in Year 7 where they will take part in the Opening Minds programme. This will continue all the way up to Year 13 where they sit exams that they will have been prepared for throughout their secondary career.

This school provides so many chances for extra-curricular activities. These range from sports clubs to computer clubs and from science clubs to reading clubs. All these opportunities are chances for each child to learn a new skill and these kinds of skills will allow each chid to learn more about themselves. From one sport they can learn teamwork, leadership and even communication skills. That why I always encourage all the students that come to our school to take every chance possible because there will be many and all of them give each child a chance to learn something different.

However, this school also teaches that experience is the best teacher, that we learn the most from our mistakes. I know that this school gives us the space and chances to make those mistakes but the best thing they do for each and every individual is that they teach us how to grow from our mistakes with their help. Now I know from experience that the best thing any of us can do is try our best and it will always pay off. So when you come here make sure you learn, work and grow but most certainly make sure that you always try your best in all you do.

Thank you and good luck!

Deborah Sepo (Head Girl).


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