Business Studies – April trips 2023

April is usually a busy month for all businesses. The end of the financial year bringing big challenges and tight deadlines, however it was busy for an altogether different reason for HGS’ A-level Business students as they journeyed across Birmingham to brush up on their business acumen and expertise.

First, 8 year 12 students attended an enterprise taster day run by Aston University’s Business School. They heard from amazing guest speakers in local industries, learned more about pathways into enterprise at university and got to try their hand at some marketing challenges. It was a great experience for the students and invaluable for explaining to them how they can enter the world of business in higher education and beyond. The student testimonies below show the value of the experience.

Overall, the trip was interesting and informative, especially for the people with an active interest within business. The trip has highlighted to me what courses I want to partake in when I go to University. (Manish Doal – Year 12).

The trip to Aston University was definitely an inspiring experience! For me personally, as someone who wishes to enter both a marketing position and become an entrepreneur in the future, looking at courses and pathways that I may well be looking into in the near future was incredibly useful. Although we didn’t get to do all of the planned workshops, the ones we did do were enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this taster day for future business students. (Sami Zahid  –  Year 12)

Year 13- Workshop Trip 

For hardworking year 13 students working hard with the prospect of exams looming a trip to Star City was the perfect tonic. Now I know what you’re thinking – bowling, relaxation, good food, the cinema – our students had a carefree day or R & R. Sadly not. Instead, year 13 went to the cinema for a revision conference where they performed excellently and got some great tips to excel in their external exams. They were a true credit to the school and really benefitted from the experience as they attest to below.

In the midst of your constant revision at home and in school rooms, it was a nice change of mood to recap business content and exam techniques with Tutor2u. Resuming our revision process in the cinema largely helped me to revisit subject knowledge and enjoy some memorable moments with a nice heart-warming picture with the creators to perfectly end the day. (Omar Elderiny- Year 13)

I believe the business workshop was a valuable experience as it allowed us students to meet business experts and learn new skills that will best adapt us towards the exams in the summer. In the workshop we were able to practice our quantitative business methods and access new specialised resources given by the very friendly staff. The sessions were engaging and interactive which allowed us to meet plenty of students in similar positions to ourselves to improve our business knowledge. Overall, the business workshop was a great experience that I would highly recommend as it improved our confidence moving forward to the exams. (Jay Surray- Year 13)

The business revision workshop helped me in several ways, providing me with the opportunity to enhance my exam technique and consolidate subject knowledge. I was able to get a further insight into an examiners perspective and have learnt the techniques to make my answers appeal to examiners and get me into the top band of marks. Also, the opportunity of meeting Jim Riley allowed me to finally put a face to the voice from all his tutor2u videos I regularly watch for my revision, and by being able to learn from him in a real life environment meant I could ask questions if I was confused allowing me to get instant feedback. (Aliya Zaman- Year 13)