ICT World Cup Challenge

ICT World Cup Challenge

 The ICT Department are launching a competition to find the best

Poster, Website or Scratch game to commemorate the

2010 World Cup.


The winners from each year group will have their designs displayed on the School’s website and plasma screens.

The main prize is an official Fifa 2010 Football, other runner up themed prizes will also be awarded.

For further details come to C1 (ICT Suite) on Monday 14th June at 12:40.

Closing Date: 12:40 Friday 25th June 2010.

Annual Reunion Buffet

The Friends of Handsworth Grammar School

Annual Reunion Buffet

The annual reunion buffet for the Friends of Handsworth Grammar School will be held on Friday 9th July 2010 at Handsworth Grammar School.

 Mr Roy Fackrell will be the speaker for the event.

A hot buffet will be available from 7.15 PM

The School will be open from 6:30 PM if you wish to have a look around.

Tickets are £15.00 and include a glass of wine.

Year 12 – Normal Timetable



Year 12 – Normal Timetable



Year 12 will be back to normal timetable from Monday 14th June 2010.

GCSE ICT Revision



Year 11 ICT GCSE


Exam Revision Classes




 Paper 1

Thursday 17th June 15:00 – 17:00

Friday 18th June 11:00 – 12:30



Paper 2

Wednesday 23rd June 15:00 – 17:00

Thursday 24th June 09:30 – 11:00

IT Diploma




IT Diploma in Action – Vue Cinema, Star City



The exciting new ICT level 3 Diploma has been developed in partnership with employers and universities and therefore provides a real insight into the dynamic and ever-expanding IT and telecommunications sector and the various career options open to students today.
Unlike other qualifications that focus on developing purely technical skills, the Diploma also equips students with practical knowledge of areas like project management, IT support, website development and business design that are valuable in any business environment and provides the kind of flexibility and potential that employers are looking for in the 21st century world of work.

Company Visits

So far this year our 6th form ICT Diploma students have visited several fascinating locations, exhibitions and companies including Star City’s Vue Cinema. Our cinema visit focused on the extensive use of ICT at every point of the business, from purchasing tickets online to buying popcorn at the kiosk before a movie – we learnt how the technologies are all linked together into a single integrated information system.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the cinema projector room? Well we went behind the scenes during our tour and watched some of Avatar, using special 3D glasses from the projector room. Did you know that the 3D High definition film Avatar is digitally produced and is 40 Terabytes (TB) in file size? It actually takes 4 hours for the cinema to download the film from the filmmakers website onto a specialised computer server, which is then displayed on a £60,000 3D projector.

Overall our students really enjoyed the educational visit and it helped them to understand how what we learn in class directly relates to the world at large. We look forward to returning to Star City next year and to receiving some complimentary cinema tickets for a film of our choice.

Any students interested in this course should speak to Mr. King in the IT Department.


Cluster Logo Competetion

Handsworth Central Extended School Cluster
Logo Competition
We need your help!
Our extended schools cluster work is in danger of going unnoticed.  Hundreds of young people like you have taken part in activities after school this year but we are in danger of not celebrating your achievements.
The competition is to create a new cluster logo


  • The colour scheme, and design of the logo are your choice but we will be combining the ideas you have to form part of a shield. Our logo needs pictures/drawings to make it look good.
  • If you already take part in something fun after school – get out your drawing/art equipment and show us all!!
  • What we really want are simple pictures to show what you think extended schools means to you, what makes you feel happy in your fee time and what activities we can provide that you would enjoy playing sports, listening to music, drama, trips – but its got to be things that we can all share – things you can do in your cluster.
  • The winning logo will become the face that represents the cluster and will be used to promote and advertise ALL
  • The logo must be eye-catching, and represent what the cluster stands for. cluster projects. Runners up logos will be used on activity certificates and special events invitations.
  • We also need a slogan to go with our logo; we are asking you to write a catchy and interesting sentence that goes along with the pictures in your logo.
  • The competition is open to all children and young people who attend any of the Handsworth Central Cluster Schools and live within the Handsworth Central Locality
  • The signature of your parent is required for all entries
  • The Judges decision is final
  • All entries become the property of Handsworth Central Cluster and NO ENTRIES WILL BE RETURNED
  • The winners and runners up of the competition must be prepared to have their name and photograph, together with the winning entry, published on all cluster documentation or other such publications as the Cluster may require. Your artwork may be used in a display and may be used together with other winning entries (at the Judges discretion).
First Prize: £30 Gift Voucher
Runner Up Prizes: £10 Gift Voucher
 All winning entries will receive a framed printed copy of their logo and the overall winner will be invited to the printing studio to see their logo made up
Deadline for all entries is Friday 28th May 2010
Completed form must be returned to your form tutor