Cherry Orchard Visits

Cherry Orchard Primary School: Physics lesson

On Tuesday 12th November, some Year 9 students went with Mrs Saleem and Mr Alishah to Cherry Orchard Primary School. The day before our visit we planned what was to take place.  We had two Year 5 classes to teach. We taught them about how gears, pulleys, levers and pivots work and that force x distance = work done. We had to teach from 9:30 to 10:30 and we then had a 25-minute break before we taught the other class (from 10:55 to 11:55). We carried out practicals and demonstrations so that they could see the ideas in action and give them a fun day to remember. It was a great day and the children paid attention for almost all of it. There were some really intelligent pupils who asked very detailed questions and they were all very energetic and lively as they were constantly asking how this or that works.

Thevayan Navaratnam, Year 9

Science visit to Cherry Orchard Primary School

On Tuesday 5th November a small number of students from Year 8 made the short journey to Cherry Orchard Primary School.  This was to teach Year 6 pupils about coloured filters that create different coloured lights, what convex and concave lenses are and how light changes as it travels through lenses.

We arrived at around 9.15am and started to set up the equipment before splitting into groups to help the children with their worksheets and to demonstrate the practicals.

The Year 6 children had to predict what the colour would be when the filter/filters were put into the ray boxes, then later they had to predict what would happen when the two lenses (convex and concave) were put in front of light rays before seeing what actually happened to the light.

At the end of the lesson it was time to go so we packed up the equipment, said goodbye and thanks to the pupils and teachers for being so polite. Shortly after, we arrived back at school at 12.00pm.  Thanks to Mrs Saleem and Mr Alishah for organising the day.

Eshaan Prabhakar, Year 8