Computer Science at Cadbury World

On Friday 6th December, 46 Computer Science students from KS3 were selected to go on the Cadbury World educational trip to gain an insight into how Cadbury World uses computer science within their business. Upon arrival, we enjoyed a 45-minute talk on how Cadbury uses technology in manufacturing.  Some of the topics also included the effect that cybersecurity has on the organization and the role of social media marketing within Cadbury’s. Other aspects examined were the design, production, monitoring and tracking used within the company. The benefits of computing are significant within the company as it provides them with various options that keep them up to date with the demands of modern society.

The students were also able to travel back in time to the reformation of the Victorian Bull Street where they met John Cadbury, a Quaker entrepreneur who in 1824 had a tea dealer shop. There was also an inspiring story of John as he relived his struggles to establish his business and how he later introduced his sons Richard and George to the company.

After lunch we made our way into the Cadbury exhibition and were given lots of free chocolate. The exhibition informed us of the history of chocolate and we had a tour of the Cadbury factory which was an enjoyable and informative way to end our trip to Cadbury world.