Focus on Education February 2023

I have been dipping in and out of an interesting book lately by Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix and author of the book That Will Never Work – which many of you would enjoy.

What I found interesting was what multi-millionaire Marc Randolph thought were key steps to success. All steps we can take ourselves and also what he considered being successful meant so far as he was concerned. It transpires that this is essentially, enjoying being challenged by a new project.

When you play in a sports fixture you will, I imagine, have in your mind what success looks like for you and the team, be that beating the opposition, or perhaps performing better than in the last match; if you perform in a concert, perhaps success is playing your piece note-perfect or perhaps it is more than that? Is it stirring up real emotion in the audience because of the way in which you play or sing? I wonder, have we got a picture in our mind of what success will mean for us as individuals at the end of this term or the end of the year? Do we know what steps we need to take to achieve that success?

As a School, a key our measure of success is our students. We say that we seek to produce happy, creative, moral citizens who live motivated, fulfilled lives while enriching the lives of others. In other words, we say that HGS is successful if our students are able to flourish, and follow the right path for themselves in the right way, and make the lives of others better in the process. Be a Force for Good guided by our HGS CARES values. All the components of a HGS education are hopefully steps to ensure that success for our students.

Recently, I took a brief trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. It is a really interesting and fascinating place and well worth a visit although currently it is partly closed for renovation. And although the museum is not surveying visitors there was a notice asking them to comment on what they want the museum to be like. The notice says:

We believe we can be a place:

  • Where everyone can feel at home
  • Where we can all be inspired
  • And which has an impact beyond its walls

Those three targets for success could apply here at HGS. We all need to seek opportunities to be inspired; we need to speak to others and listen to them so that they all feel comfortable…and if we do things really well, our students and HGS will have an impact on others across the world.

Keep seeking success and enjoy the challenge of solving problems along the way.

Stay safe and well.

Be kind to yourself and others.

Best wishes,

Dr Bird