Home Testing Guidance

Handsworth Grammar School

Who is being tested and why?

Testing is important of schools reopening and testing all staff and pupils of secondary age and above (11+) without symptoms will support the education sector to continue to operate.

Lateral Flow Devices (LFD) enable the rapid testing of staff and secondary age pupils and students, from their home, without the need for a laboratory. School has been provided with these test kits to distribute to our staff and students so that they can conduct testing at home.

Testing at home – Testing Kits and the process

PowerPoint version of the video

Pupils will have self-swabbed for Lateral Flow Tests in school and therefore should be familiar with the process prior to beginning home testing. Younger pupils may require parental assistance.

How to Do a Rapid COVID-19 Self-Test Poster

A step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing will be provided with every self-testing home kit.

Instructional videos produced by NHS Test and trace are available of a dedicated channel on YouTube

You will need to carry out twice weekly testing at home (3 to 4 days apart) before coming into the education setting.

How do I report the results?

You must report the results of the LFD tests to the NHS and to the school. This will help us monitor the spread of coronavirus and support communities across the UK.

You can report your result online at https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result

Or via telephone by calling 119. Lines are open every day 7am to 11pm

You will also need to log results on the school platform as well. This can be done using the links below:

You will need the following information when submitting a result:

  • First Name (of Test Subject)
  • Last Name (of Test Subject)
  • Date of Birth
  • Unique Bar Code from the LFD
  • Date of Test
  • Result