Natural High

The assembly that David Graham performed for us was very fun as he gave out gifts/prizes and sang songs, but it did get a very important message across. We should never do drugs. David told us about the damage that they could cause and that we should not even go near them.

The song that David showed us was a song he made himself called ‘Natural High’. The song teaches us about why we should get happy without putting harmful chemicals into our bodies and create a natural high.

David has been teaching children this important lesson for over 12 years.

Deon Jose 7H

The year 7 students were happy to see that they were visited by David Graham, a person who helped find their “natural high”. The year 7’s found out about finding your natural high without using drugs or alcohol.

In the end, everyone loved David Graham’s assembly and even learned about their own natural high. Everyone was laughing and smiling and happy to be there. I think my eardrums exploded after the amount of enthusiastic singing in the hall!

Amaar Badre 7H