Outreach: Sledmere Primary School

On Wednesday 6th June 2018, thirteen pupils from Sledmere Primary School attended KEVI HGS and participated in two interactive STEM workshops, both of which were designed to give them a flavour of what our students do at KS3 and beyond. During periods 1 and 2, they attended the Design & Technology workshop, during which they designed their own custom pen and pencil holder (to take home) at our brand new design studio, using 2D CAD (Computer Aided Design). The laser machine was then used to cut their acrylic designs. Finally, they used the Line bender machine to fold their acrylic design and attach it to a wooden base. The pupils also watched watch our cutting-edge 3D printer in action, making a frog for their teacher to take away; and enjoyed exploring the tools and toys previously printed.

Following a brief break at the canteen during, which they enjoyed drinks and biscuits, they went for a tour round the school and enjoyed seeing our students during break time, and were complimentary about their behaviour. The tour ended with the pupil in the Science labs, which hosted the Science workshop. During this workshop, the pupils took part in a variety of stimulating practical activities that included looking inside cells using powerful microscopes; using Bunsen burners to carryout flame tests of select Alkali and Alkali-Earth metals); burn magnesium (making sparklers); put their hands through the flame; and understand how fireworks. They also enthralled by the exploding hydrogen balloons; screaming jelly baby; whoosh bottle; and much more.

To finish off the day, the pupils were issued with yet more drinks and biscuits as well as flyers about the 11+ familiarisation programme and encouraged to sign up and complete the online training material in preparation for the 11+ in September. Both staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed their HGS experience and we look forward to, once again, working with Sledmere Primary School to enthuse more year 5 pupils, next year.

Mr F. Ahmed & Mr. D. Bansal





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