RAF Cosford

On Monday 18th December, a group of year 9 students visited RAF Cosford in Shropshire, to hear about the history of the Royal Air Force and World War One and Two. We were taken around the site by two kind guides Suzie and Lilly, who gave us interesting facts regarding various aircraft that took flight in the First and Second World Wars, such as the Comet 1xB and the Bristol Sycamore HR14. There were also activities prepared for us, like identifying the artefacts, missiles and trenches, where we had the opportunity to try on clothing from the First and Second World Wars, such as gas masks and clothing the pilots would have worn in the cockpits of their fighter or bomber aircraft. Ultimately, this was a fantastic experience for us all. (Rajan Aulakh, 9G)

At RAF Cosford the first part of the schedule was fun ‘n’ flight where we got to try out lots of scientific activities about aircraft. There was also a war aircraft we could enter and experience what life was really like for the pilots. This part was very interesting.  We also got to look at different uniforms the pilots would wear and extra things like goggles and gloves. Then we headed for a new modern building which contained lots of jets from the Cold War and other equipment related warfare. There were mini films we could watch. It was very factual and we got to learn more on some recent wars and more about the Cold War. During the afternoon, we went into a classroom where we got to learn about World War II. We learnt about the shelters and actually went inside one, which was very dark! We examined what life was like for the people living back then.  The trip itself was very interesting and we have a lot of new information to take into our lessons. (Ajay Mann, 9W)