Reading Volunteers

On the afternoon of January 18th 2017, another cohort of our year 12 students went to Handsworth Association of Schools Conference Centre, adjacent to Welford Primary School, to be trained as ‘Reading Volunteers’. The workshop entailed them working in groups to practice the best methodologies to support year 1 and 2 students with their reading skills. All fifteen students engaged in a variety of activities to share ideas and build their self-confidence. A number of case studies involving a teacher supporting a child with reading a book were looked at and students mapped out the best strategies to pitch their support at an appropriate level to the children.

This workshop was organised to help prepare our students to go out (in pairs) to an assigned primary school, every Wednesday afternoon, and support a minimum of 4 children with their reading skills. Through this programme, not only do our students give back to their community, they also learn new life-long skills such as how to speak to a child, how to teach a new skill to a child, patience, perseverance and many more.

Mr Ahmed

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