In Search of Shakespeare: 1. A Time of Revolution

In Search of Shakespeare: 2. The Lost Years

In Search of Shakespeare: 3. The Duty of Poets

In Search of Shakespeare: 4. For All Time

As part of Shakespeare Season, an exciting offer from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to all staff and students and their families to visit Stratford upon Avon during this half term, which includes a massive discount in order to visit places of interest associated with William Shakespeare.

Click the here to see how you and your family can take advantage of this great deal!

Exploring the Early Life of William Shakespeare
Channel 4 Time Team Special: Searching for Shakespeare’s House

Competition Rules

  1. Learn one of the speeches which you have been provided with by your English teacher
  2. You will be given the opportunity to deliver your speech in an English lesson and the rest of your form or your English group will decide who will go through to the next round
  3. If you have won your form or English group round, you now have to run against other form groups or English groups in your year to decide your year group’s overall winner
  4. Year finals dates in the school hall:
  • Strictly Talk Shakespeare           Period 5          26th February        Yr 7 Final
  • Strictly Talk Shakespeare           Period 6          26th February        Yr 8 Final
  • Strictly Talk Shakespeare            Lesson 2           27th February   Yr 9 Final
  • Strictly Talk Shakespeare           Lesson 4a          27th February    Yr 10 Final
  • Strictly Talk Shakespeare           Lesson 6          27th February    Yr 11 Final
  1. The Grand Final. On 8th March 2024 winners of each year group will now go head-to-head to decide who this year’s Strictly Talk Shakespeare Champion is. Strictly Talk Shakespeare            Lesson 3           8th March        Grand Final

All films begin at 3.15pm. Refreshments provided. Merits awarded in return for your support of this new club.

Tuesday, 23rd January Henry V (1989)

Click here to sign up for Henry V

Tuesday 30th January A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999)

Click here to sign up for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Monday 5th February Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Click here to sign up for Romeo and Juliet.

Thursday 8th February West Side Story (1961)

Click here to sign up for West Side Story.

Monday 19th February Macbeth (2010)

Click here to sign up for Macbeth.

Monday 26th February Othello (1995)

Click here to sign up for Othello.

Monday 4th March Forbidden Planet (1956)

Click here to sign up for Forbidden Planet.

Rules for completing Shakespeare Puzzles
  1. Download the Shakespeare puzzle you wish to complete
  2. After you have completed the Shakespeare puzzle, take it to room 7
  3. Sending completed Shakespeare puzzles by email will not be accepted.
  4. All accurately completed Shakespeare puzzles will be awarded a prize.