Sixth Form Reward Trip

For our recent Reward Trip we were given the chance to go to Laser Tag and go-karting (based at Teamworks Karting in Digbeth) and, for many of us, it was our first time doing these activities. Upon arrival at the site, we chose our racer names and there were some interesting choices!  We then put our racing suits on and, after a safety briefing, it was time to race.  Everyone was raring to go, and so the race was well and truly on!

The course itself required the smoothest of manoeuvres but driving the kart was stimulating and immense fun for all.  Lap records were broken and what started off as friendly racing soon augmented into something more competitive as everyone was eager to better their friends’ fastest lap times. The go-karting experience was exhilarating, got everyone’s pulses racing and I know for sure that many of us will be eager to experience the thrills of go-karting once more.

After a well-deserved lunch break, we gathered once again but this time for Laser Tag.  After being split into teams of 8, we were ready for battle to commence. Various tactics were implemented in our attempts to win the game.  Some decided to run around aimlessly and shoot their opponents whilst others – Mr Bird included – favoured a more stealthy approach or, from my perspective, just hid in a corner!  Regardless of the tactics used, it was a game of great fun and was very enjoyable for us all.

The day was certainly memorable and, based upon my experience of this Reward Trip, I will strive to ensure I earn a place onto future ones. Go-karting and Laser Tag were phenomenal activities to participate in and the laid back day was a perfect way to end the busy Autumn Term.

Hashim Shakil 12PJO