Sixth Form Reward Trip

On the 20th of December, 50 students – including myself – from the Sixth Form were fortunate to be selected to participate in a Reward Trip. The occasion was organised for us by Mr Bird, to whom I would like to thank for his time and effort, as recognition for our helping out during events such as open days and parent’s evenings. The trip included go-karting and laser tag, both of which were exhilarating experiences. The Reward Trips occur 3 times a year, and are great opportunities to experience new things, to unwind a little from the stresses of studying A-levels, and to create fun and lasting memories. They provide a small break from our schoolwork, and help to motivate us to continue to work hard and give back to our school. Today was the first time I had ever been go-karting, and definitely the first time I had ever driven so fast! I enjoyed the rumble of the go-kart as it accelerated and drifted when I cornered sharply. The speed of the air rushing past me and the closeness of the floor produces a unique feeling, and beats Mario Kart hands down! I also participated in two games of laser tag. The combination of darkness and the illuminating effect of laser light heightened the sense of excitement as we entered the other-worldly battlefield. We were given points for a successful hit on someone else, and points were deducted if you were hit yourself. I won’t tell you my score, but I was placed 10th on my second try (out of 16, but no-one needs to know that). A big thank you to Mr Bird, Mr Jones, Ms Fiess and Mr Alishah for making this day possible.

Olivia McKnight, Year 13