Texas Trip 2023

Our Texas exchange trip began with group video calls between our class and theirs, discussing anything from hobbies to food, politics to education; before we finally got the fantastic opportunity to visit them in Houston, Texas.

We visited so many different places – some of my favourites being the police station (where we got to get in a police car, a tour of the buildings and meet the officers), the rodeo (where they had actual cowboys and carnival rides), Johnson Space Center (where NASA is based and real space rockets), the Gulf of Mexico (where we went on the pier and amusements as well as go on the beach) and the Lone Star Flight Museum (they had flight simulators, planes and even a tour of a military base).

In the school, we attended class with our Texan partners and were treated like celebrities! They kept asking for our autographs, for photos with them and even to get us say phrases in our accents. Alongside this, we played them at soccer, watched their performers in a play and attended their American Football games.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience and truly one of the best weeks of my life – a big thanks to all the teachers who helped plan it, either side of the Atlantic!

Mr Sanders, Mr Thaper & Miss Macilwraith

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