Visit of Professor Alec Cameron Vice Chancellor of Aston University

On May 17th we played host to Professor Alec Cameron, Vice chancellor and Chief Executive of Aston University along with his colleague Mr David Farrow, Executive Director for their first ever visit to the school.

Professor Cameron and Mr Farrow met with Headteacher Dr Bird, and Deputy Headteacher Mr Conway, before being given a tour of the school by our new Head Boy, Hasnain Sumar and Head Girl Deborah Sepo.

Aston University is a popular destination for many of our students, with over thirty students each year choosing to study there. It has a fine reputation nationally and internationally and has recently opened a new medical school, to help to develop the next generation of doctors.

Professor Cameron and Mr Farrow were both extremely complimentary about the school, and the students whom they met. They were both keen to stress the importance of building a strong, long-term relationship with our school, and we look forward to welcoming them back to HGS in the future.

Mr Conway