Y12 Summer Tasks

Sixth Form

Year 12 Summer Tasks 2014

These are the summer tasks which your AS Level teachers have set for you to complete before you join the Handsworth Grammar school Sixth Form.

We have found from experience that students who complete these tasks conscientiously, make a much better start to their Sixth Form studies, and are better equipped to cope with the first assessments set in year 12. These assessments will come towards the end of the first half term, so it is vital that the tasks are completed well.

You are asked to asked to complete all of the work set, for your AS subjects only. Please do not attempt to complete work from subjects which you are not going to be studying in September.

As well as giving your new teachers an indication of your academic ability and your ability to study independently, these tasks will also give you an indication of the standard required for A Level studies at a grammar school. Please do not under-estimate the standard of work which we expect.

We have also found, from experience, that when students are set academic tasks over the summer months, they settle into Sixth Form work much more quickly in the new term.

We look forward to seeing you in the Sixth Form at Handsworth Grammar School on Wednesday September 3rd.

CJ Conway
Assistant Headteacher (post 16)

Please click here to download the tasks.