Year 10’s Oxford Dons!

On the 23rd May, 14 year 10 students swapped the industry and bustle of Birmingham for the Cotswold stone and colleges of Oxford. They had an inspirational day chock full of aspiration and great advice from current student guides. The guides armed our students with students with everything needed to make a strong application to a top university. The highlights of the day included a wonderful guest lecture from current PHD student Clare Burgess where the lads excelled in their perceptive questioning and got a chance to showcase their scholarship.  Next we followed in the footsteps of JRR Tolkien and visited the breath-taking Exeter College. In the words of Ethisham Hussain (10N):I learnt a lot from the experience, such as the fact that Oxford University consists of near 40 colleges. The tour of Oxford displayed its long and evident history, as well as the fact that it has also changed with time, and so has maintained its relevance even today, nearly 1000 years since its original founding. The trip has solidified my thoughts of attending a university like Oxford, or potentially even Oxford itself. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and found it fascinating hearing about the journey from secondary school to Oxford, from Oxford students directly.