Year 8 ‘CSI Day’

As part of the Enrichment Day activities on Tuesday 7th December 2021, Year 8s participated in a ‘CSI Day’.  Some reflections of 8G:

“CSI Day was a great day; we had to solve the mystery of who killed Mr Kafai…”

“We carried out a series of experiments involving chromatography, fingerprint analysis, pH tests (on poisons), flame tests, blood spatter and microscopy…”

“It was very entertaining but also educating…”

“Helping others to get their footprints was the best part of the day…”

Anoop’s (8A) theory about what happened is:

“I think that Mr Jones, Mr Mohsin, Mr Alishah and Mr Kafai were playing blackjack but Mr Mohsin and Mr Alishah left early; therefore there was a fingerprint belonging to Mr Mohsin and a footprint belonging to Mr Alishah at the crime scene.  Mr Jones and Mr Kafai played late into the night, and as they were getting hungry and thirsty Mr Jones got them some food and a drink each. However, as Mr Jones was losing and there was a lot at stake (there was money on the table) he poisoned the food and drink – this is clear from our flame and pH tests. There is evidence that they both had the same thing to eat as when we tested their stomach contents, we found starch and glucose in both. In the drink, there was methanol, and the white powder was lithium carbonate. I think they were doing dares after each round. To show Mr Jones was really the main suspect, we tested fibres from the suspects and matched them with the crime scene sample; Mr Jones’s clothing was similar. Finally, there was a low velocity blood splatter, and Mr Jones has a gun in his laboratory which he uses in an A level Physics lesson. He did not fire the gun, as the blood splatter would be a high velocity one; therefore I believe Mr Jones hit Mr Kafai with the gun and the placed it in his hand. He did this in case the poison didn’t work and also to make it look like he committed suicide. There is further proof Mr Jones faked Mr Kafai’s suicide as there was a suicide note left under the table. All of this evidence suggests it was Mr Jones and he tried to make it look like suicide”.

8H’s theory is: