School Governors

Handsworth Grammar School is governed, in accordance with an Instrument and Articles of Government, by a Governing Body of up to 18 Governors:


Name Appointed Class Re-elected


Mr. Fatehi Ahmed 11.11.2015 CO Co-opted Governor
Prof. Joe Biddlestone 01.11.2007 F 01.11.2011 Chair, Charity Governor
Mr. Simon Bird 01.09.2012 HT Headmaster Governor
Mr. Graham Black 01.11.2007 F 01.11.2011
Charity Governor
Mrs. Bina Dass 01.11.2009 F 01.11.2013 Charity Governor, Safeguarding Governor
Dr. David Evans 25.09.2015 F Charity Governor
Prof. Peter Gardner 01.11.2008 F 01.11.2012 Charity Governor
Mr. Harmail Gill 10.03.2014 EP Parent Governor
Mrs. Debbie Hackett 06.10.2015 CO Co-opted Governor
Mr. Michael Hart 01.09.2009 LA 01.09.2013 LA Governor, Link Training Governor
Mr. Hocine Idjer 09.11.2012 F Charity Governor
Mr. Craig Johnson 06.10.2015 CO Co-opted Governor
Mr. Sajid Yacoob 31.10.2016 EP Parent Governor
Mr. Ben Smoldon 01.11.2012 F Charity Governor
Father Dr. Robert Stephen 25.09.2015 F Vice Chair, Charity Governor
Mrs. Jacky Taylor 01.11.2008 F 01.11.2012 Charity Governor, SEND Governor
One Foundation Vacancy
Mr. Chris Osborn Clerk


Recently Resigned


Appointed Class Resigned

Mr. Alam Miah




Mr. Chris Eaton




Mr. Roy Fackrell

27.09.2013 F




Admissions and Communications Committee

Curriculum, Staff and Standards Committee

Finance and General Purposes Committee


Pecuniary Interests Register

All Governors regularly sign the Declaration of Pecuniary Interests. This list is compiled and held by the Clerk to the Governing Board. Only one Governor has declared an interest as a director of a company as well as being a Governor of a Primary Academy. No other Governors have declared any other interests.


Governors’ Pecuniary Interests Register 2016-2017

Governors’ Details and Register of Interests 2016-2017