All students must wear School Uniform including when traveling to and from school. The School Uniform can be purchased from the Clive Mark website: http://www.clivemark.co.uk/handsworth

The uniform is as follows:

Years 7 to 11

  • Black blazer with the School badge
  • Outdoor/Overcoat sould be black, blue or grey in colour. They should not be patterned or be extremes of fashion.
  • Dark grey/black trousers
  • Plain grey or white shirt
  • Main school tie in black and gold
  • Grey V-neck pullover (with or without School colour in “V”)
  • Dark grey/black socks
  • Plain black shoes – extravagant styles, trainers and boots are not permitted
  • Hair should be neat and tidy. Extremes of fashion are not allowed
  • Appearance should not invite adverse comment nor be detrimental to the reputation of the school. Wearing of earrings and jewellery is not allowed

Sixth Form

Handsworth Grammar is a uniform school, even in the Sixth Form. We feel that this helps to create a sense of corporate identity and gives the students a sense of belonging. In addition, it helps to prevent the problems of deciding what to wear each morning! Non-compliance will mean students are sent home to dress correctly.

The uniform comprises:

Male and Female students:

Black School Blazer (No fashion jackets). Blazers must have the school badge sewn on to them.

White or Black Shirt (No brand names or logos).

Black Trousers  which must be full length (No skinny jeans, jeans style trousers or leggings).

Black Shoes (No Boots, trainers, canvas pumps or high heels).

Dark Grey or Black ‘V’ Neck Sweater (with or without School Colours). No hoodies or sweatshirts allowed.

School Badge (purchased from School).

School TieSixth Form Tie (purchased from the School).

Female students may wear a Dark Grey or Black Skirt (instead of trousers).

The skirt MUST be knee length or longer (NO jersey style, no deep slits, ruffles or patterns allowed).

Plain Black Tights

Headscarf Plain Black (NO coloured patterns) Sixth Form tie is still to be worn.

Make Up Minimal – including lipstick and nail vanish (NOT noticeable).

  • Jewellery should be minimal and not on display i.e. small earrings only.

Boys are not allowed to wear earrings in school.

  • Coats, hats and caps must not be worn around school.
  • Students are expected to wear their blazer at all times of the school day.
  • Coats should be black, blue or grey in colour and plain style.

The Head of Sixth Form will provide further details or clarification where needed.

If a student is unsure about the suitability of any type of uniform they should check with the Head of Sixth Form BEFORE wearing it to school.

If a student fails to wear the correct uniform, sanctions will be imposed and they will be sent home.

Uniform Stockists:

 Clive Mark Schoolwear:

  • 4-5 Three Shires Oak Road, Bearwood, B67 5AX
  • 411 Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1AU
  • 38 Poplar Road, Birmingham, B14 7AD