A Level Physics Live

On the 25th November, a group of A-level physicists and some Year 11s went on a trip to the University of Birmingham. We were able to listen to various speakers talking about their particular research interests.

Professor Jim-al-Khalili talked to us about a new breakthrough between the three sciences called quantum biology and how this has led to collaboration projects between students studying at the University of Surrey.

Doctor Jessica Wade from Imperial College gave a lecture on plastic electronics. This relates to our future, using a minimal amount of plastic and being able to print numerous useful things such as solar panels that are paper thin!  Furthermore, she discussed the importance of the orientation of the chemical formulae of materials and how this can alter the properties depending on whether they are left handed or right.

Overall the day was very informative and gave a great insight into how varied ‘physics’ is.  On behalf of all the students that went, many thanks to our Physics Department for organising the trip.

Rohan Nath, Year 12