Computer Science in Action

On the 2nd of November 2019, Year 12 and 13 students attended talks around the topic of “Computer Science in Action”. This included lectures that demonstrated the leading edge of computer science today, such as conversations about artificial intelligence and programs used in animation. The day also contained tips to help us with our examinations.

Five well-known and celebrated computer scientists from the field of Computer Science came to deliver these lectures, crossing the boundary between information and entertainment. Jon Macey spoke about the computer science behind animation technology, which not only involves a deep understanding of languages like Python, but also elements of physics such as the springs. He spoke about how cloth in animation technology is defined via virtual springs in the fabric.

Finally, Matthew Scroggs talked about his computer MENACE, made from matchboxes; designed to play noughts and crosses. Each matchbox was filled with coloured beads, each representing a different move that the machine could play. It used a version of machine learning in order to improve its playing. Lectures such as these created an inspiring day filled with eye-opening careers that one could take in the field of computer science.

Abhishek Dey