Competition for Biotechnological Inventions

The science department selected 18 students from years 7, 8 and 9 to complete a research project. The Leta Stetter Hollingworth Competition for Biotechnological Inventions was created by University of Birmingham student Alex Ercsei and organized by Mr Hussain.

The students were tasked to look within the Bioscience field to identify a problem faced by humans or other organisms. They would need to research and design a solution, whilst also explaining how it would benefit us all.

The students delivered some excellent presentations on nanotechnology, genetically modified plants, algal based biofuels, vaccines to prevent bioaccumulation and viruses programmed to treat bacterial infections etc.

All students participating did an amazing job and left the expert panel of judges speechless. Thank you to Dr Juliet Cotes and Mr Ahmed for judging and wishing Alex the best of luck in her journey into teaching.

Full list of participants:

Winning Group:

Kieran Hay 8W

Ashfak Nasif 8W

Mohammed Zaman 8W

Click here to view their Biodiversity Pitch Presentation.