Physical Education CRP

GCSE Physical Education Information

In September there will be a one-hour exam for GCSE PE

  1. Exams will be taking place during lesson time.
  2. The exam will consist of questions from both paper 1 and paper 2.
  3. 30 marks will be allocated to paper 1 and 30 marks to paper2
  4. The exam will cover All work that we have done in class from the start of the course in September and will include work that was given during the lockdown period.

All relevant work to help you in your revision will be added to One Note and to Teams.

  1. In One note there are various folders that you can access, Revision, Quizzes, Exam preparation, Zig Zag work booklets, lesson materials for all the areas covered on the course.
  2. You have also been given controlled assessment tasks that need to be completed for the start of school in September. All information is in One note. We will review this work and use the marks we give you for these sections and your other practical work to inform us of an overall estimated mark.

By the time you come back to school you should have completed:

  1. Revision for All aspects of the course covered since September.
  2. Controlled Assessment work covering the Overview and Assessment.

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