CyberCenturion Competition – Computer Club

CyberCenturion is a free to enter cyber security competition designed by the American Air Force Association and powered by Northrop Grumman, open to 12- to 18-year-olds in the UK and British Overseas Territories. Teams participate in a series of three online rounds, attempting to discover all the security vulnerabilities within various operating systems.

Securing systems equals high scores, but ill-fated changes or reduction in security can result in the undesired loss of points.

5 boys have been competing against the rest of the country in this cyber security competition.

They have been using an operating system that is not very familiar to them, Linux, and they have been performing operations on an invented, dummy computer network, finding insecurities and fixing them.

There were three rounds, each one taking 6 hours to complete, so they were working hard all day, and after school too. There were two different networks each time, and different versions of the operating system, so they had to work as a team to try to root out any problems.

The team finished mid-table of all the teams in the country including the senior’s category.

What an achievement for a first attempt at something so new.

Congratulations to: Aariz Dhalla, 9W; Nihal Sharma, 9G; Kisandu Hapuarchchi, 9G; Rajan Nagra, 8W; Zayd Mirzoyev 8G

Next year, we’ll do even better, I’m sure. You learned so much, already.

Mrs Hibbert