Trussell Trust Foodbank Certificate of Appreciation

Dear All at Handsworth Grammar School,

Thank you so much for your recent donation of  186 kg of food to the B30 and South Birmingham Foodbank.

As you can imagine, demand for help from local families in crisis is increasing steadily as the cost of living crisis deepens. In the last week alone, we  gave out 3427 kg of food to feed 454 clients from 179 different families. Sadly, we anticipate even more rapid rises in client numbers as we head into the New Year and temperatures begin to drop again, so your gift will be put to very good use.

From everyone at the B30 and South Birmingham Foodbank , on behalf of all our clients,  we say a truly heartfelt thank you once again for your kindness and generosity, and as a token of our gratitude I am attaching a Certificate of Appreciation which I am hoping you will be able to print out and display where those who contributed can see it.

On behalf of the Foodbank Volunteer Team