House Quiz Competitions

On Tuesday 27th March we had our annual house quiz competitions in “Big School”.

Competition was fierce throughout the day as our students displayed their finest general knowledge in front of their peers.

The winning teams were as follows:

Year 7: Galahad (Amar Aulakh and Dylan Guiney-Bailey)  after a tense tie break question.

Year 8: Nelson ( Reece Qureshi and Hassan Shah)

Year 9: Nelson ( Devjot Surmay and Craig Oshiogwe)

Year 10: Henry (Raul Bhatti and Eesha Rashid)

Year 11: Alfred ( Sahil Mufti and Ikhlas Sayed)

Sixth Form: Alfred ( Muhammad Nazakat and Mohammed Mohammed).

Many thanks to all who took part in this fun event.

Mr Conway