House Rowing

We had our first ever inter house rowing competitions on Friday 23rd March, to coincide with Sports Relief 2018.

100 boys from years 7-10 took part in this exciting event

Year 8 competitors rowed for an exhausting five minutes in each race, and all others rowed for three minutes.

The overall results were that in year 7 William won; in years 8 & 9 Galahad won, and in year 10, Nelson won.

The overall rowing champions were, Galahad.

Individual top performers in each year group were:

Year 7, Adam Ahmed for William in race 4 with 662 meters in 3 minutes.

Year 8, Oliver Beesley for William in race 4 with 1,195 in 5 minutes.

Year 9, Christopher Lee for Galahad in race 3 with 783 meters in 3 minutes.

Year 10, Zakir Khan for Galahad in race 4 with 785 metres in 3 minutes

Mr Conway