Model United Nations

Having attended the KEMUN conference last year, I came into the event this year with high expectations. All of these expectations were surpassed. Having chosen to represent Saudi Arabia, an upgrade from last year’s France, there was some pressure on us to try to balance our country’s conservative Islamic views with their diplomatic Western relations, which had to be compromised in places. From debates on Roe v Wade to the Arab-Israeli conflict every delegate present had utmost professionalism and eloquently presented their views. There was tension at times, but this became light-hearted banter during the lunch breaks! The highlight of KEMUN has to be the General Assembly, where we all got to see the results of our committees and see both avid support and determined opposition from other delegations, though ours was not uninvolved. Overall, KEMUN 2024 was an unforgettable experience. If I had the chance to do Model UN again I would not hesitate, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone.

Sami Zahid Year 13